District Report – July/August 2018

Leather District

Wow it has been a long time since I have written anything for The MMA paper. So what is going on with the Leather District. We have a new District Manager her name is Julie. You should come to a meeting and meet her. No excuse now the weather is cooler. We are getting ready for Birds on Bikes this year it will be East Side Bikers vs Westside bikers who can bring the most to St. Vincent De Paul. It is my favorite event of the year.
The summer is so hot we don’t not do any events but with the cooler weather we will be gearing up and will have the 3 ball run in January. It is a great run and for $5.00 you can win yourself a nice Trophy.
We are also selling raffle tickets for 5.00 each and you can win $1000 cash prize. If we sell all the tickets prior to Birds on Bikes we will announce the winner there otherwise the winner will be announced at the 3 ball run. All money raised goes to support our cause on Motorcycle safety and awareness.

We meet the 2nd Saturday of the month at Charlies’ Place. 43rd Ave and Thunderbird(North West Corner)

Hope to see you out and about

Cindy Gates/Leather District/Board Member

District Report – November/December 2016

Submitted by Snakebite
Greetings Everyone,
Ah finally some cooler temps have arrived here in the valley.
Our reward for a long hot summer.
This year has been a great year for the Leather/Eagle District.
We have done some growing with many new members and our meetings all year have
been a constant 30 plus every time. Even through the summer which is a rarity.
Members have volunteered when we have done events and as really helped build a camaraderie again among the members.
We will be having our Nominations for officers for 2017 and will be voting at our December meeting.

This will be my last year as DM.
I stepped up again to rebuild the district and I believe, once again, that it’s
on its way to become a strong viable district. In order for that to happen people must step up and volunteer for officer positions.
It’s really not as bad as you all might think.
I have been and officer in the MMA for 16 years, I’m not asking you to do that, but if you could just do for one in the district that would be awesome.
On a final note, I want to take the time to thank each and every member of the district that supported our events this year.
Thanks to my current officers:
Aaron Sikes, Velvet Sikes, Pat Farrow, Julie Funk, Joni Reed, and Gareld Riggs. Also thank you to our board members Cherie Dubrow and Cindy Gates.
Thank you all for your support of me the district and the MMA.
We will be having our yearly Ball Hanging Party (xmas party), info is not firmed up yet. So, please stop by our November or December meeting for more info.

Retiring DM

District Report – September/October 2016

Submitted by Snakebite

Well here we are already nearing the end of August and we are heading to the ‘Ber” months. In my mind after Labor Day summer is over and I’ve made it through the scorching temps once again. At least the days are getting shorter and cooler temps are coming!

Over the summer we have had good attendance at all of our meetings with at least 30 people, that just never happens!

I am thankful for all that continue to attend the monthly meetings and for those of you bringing new people to check out the meetings. We are growing.

August was our scheduled quarterly trash pickup.

We decided to start early as it was going to be hot and horribly humid.

Gareld is our go to guy that picks up our tools at the city of Glendale and brings them so we can do our trash thing.

When Gareld arrived, he had a special surprise for everyone…he had gone on Friday afternoon and picked up all the trash in our designated area. He said he knew many of our volunteers had problems walking and many weren’t going to do well in the heat so he just took care of it!

I can’t tell you how overjoyed I was personally as I was not looking forward to doing it.

We then decided to go to Denny’s and enjoy some social time together before our meeting at 10.

Gareld, you definitely get the Leather District ‘Brother of the Year” award!

Thanks again for your efforts. July, out district hosted our 9th Annual Debbie’s Brotherly Love In.

We had a great turnout and a bunch of fun. Thanks to those that supported us.

You can see the pics and read more about the event in this issue.

Until next time, Ride safe and ride often!


District Report – May/June 2016

Submitted by Snakebite

Well it’s getting warm! Summer is a coming! Hope everyone had a say and fun filled Arizona bike week experience.  But then every week in Arizona is Arizona “Bike” week!

Not really much to report on.

We are currently work on a place to have our May Motorcycle Safety and Awareness event.

We will have info at our next meeting and will also get the word out on the MMA email list and Facebook. Our next meeting for May had been rescheduled to allow everyone to attend the Annual Jester run in the Verde Valley.

Next meeting will be May 7th.

That day will also be our quarterly trash pick-up day. So we will need people to meet at 8:15 at Charley’s Place as we will promptly head out at 8:30 to get it done before the meeting. Hope to see you out there.

In may we will also start discussing our plans for our July Brotherly Love-In which will be supporting Surrendered Souls Rescue in Tempe.

Happy to report our district is growing we have around 10 new members so welcome to all.

Ride Safe and Ride Often

District Report -March/April 2016

Submitted by Snakebite

Greetings! Time has passed so quickly since Christmas it’s nothing more than a blur. And what about this February weather? Have a vision of us all bursting into flames in about May.

On January 23rd we hosted our 15th Annual 3 ball run. Not a big turnout, but better than the last few years, but we had great weather on our side this year instead of rain. Thirty people participated this year.

We shortened the run this year to just 3 stops just in case we had bad weather.

We would like to thank Charley’s Place, Jimbo’s and the Amber Inn for allowing us to have our event.

We raised some funds for the district and had a little bit of fun doing it.

And finally I won 1st place! I was a happy camper.

Thanks to all that supported the run and even bigger thanks to our working district volunteers.

Before our February meeting it was time once again for our road clean up. We had a different plan of attack this time which made it go a lot quicker.

And it was really pretty clean so didn’t long at all.

This month we were joined by our two attorneys from Alex and Associates, Andrew and Freddie.

We about 10 of us total we made pretty quick work of it. We have been lucky to have between 20-30 people at our meetings.

Our membership is slowly growing….but it’s growing.

Thank you to all members who are spreading the word and bringing new people to our meetings. It is much appreciated.

District Report – January/February 2016

Greetings from the Leather-Eagle District!
by District Manager & MMA Vice-Chairman, Lee “Snake Bite” Gonzales

Really? January…say it isn’t so!

I remember the Sunday before Thanksgiving and it is all just a blur since Birds on Bikes. Leather District has been busy.

Before our November meeting 10 of the district showed up to help on our Road Pick-up. We clean the area from 51st to 59th Ave on Thunderbird. With 10 people it moved along quite quickly and really wasn’t all that bad.

We also took officer nominations at the meeting and at December meeting held elections. New offi cers are as follows, Mizzou is Secretary, Rambler is ADM (YEA!) and Gerald is now our Sgt @ arms. So we have a full crew moving forward.

The evening of the December meeting, the Leather District had their annual ball hanging party. There were about 60 in attendance. Some new friends, many old friends and some not seen for many years, I was a great time.

It was cold but there was plenty of hot food and big fi res. Thanks to all for coming. We will hit 2016 running as we prepare for our 15th Annual 3 ball run.

Hope you can join us. More details on flyer in this issue.

Party pics below.


Leather/Eagle District Report- November/December 2015

Greetings from the Leather-Eagle District!
by District Manager & MMA Vice-Chairman, Lee “Snake Bite” Gonzales

Our monthly meetings have been fairly constant with 20 to 30 people in attendance. Our membership is growing slowly but surely.

At our September meeting, the US Military Vets, who have been individual members and also a club member, renewed their club membership to life. We thank them for their support.

At our November meeting we will be doing a street clean up before the meeting.

We adopted the area of 51st Street to 59th Avenue on Thunderbird in Glendale. We hope to have a good bunch of members out to help.

Also at our November meeting we will be taking nominations for the 2016 offi cers. Anyone can throw their hat in the ring.

Wanna be DM? Maybe ADM??

I could sure use an Assistant District Manager if no one wants to take over the reins and be District Manager. We will take nominations November meeting and hold elections at our December meeting.

The evening of December 12th (the day of our meeting) we will have the Leather Districts Annual Yule-tide, ball hanging, Holliday, Xmas, Christmas (whatever you want to call it) Party.

It’s always a ton of fun. We will have more info at the November Meeting. Don’t forget November 22nd (Sunday) we will be participating in MMA’s Annual Birds on Bikes. Meet up place for anyone and everyone in the valley will be Charley’s Place (where we hold our monthly meetings).

Since this is the last district report of 2015 I want to take a moment to thank every in the Leather/Eagle District for their support. I personally want to thank each and every person who stepped up to fill officer positions to keep the district up and running. Volunteers are the heart and soul of the MMA.

So from all of us in the Leather District.

Have a safe and Happy Holiday season, watch out for the wackos and we will see you next year!

Leather/Eagle District Report- September/October 2015

Greetings from the Leather-Eagle District!

by Lee “Snake Bite” Gonzales

Things have been moving along quite well, and the district seems to be coming together nicely.

Our meetings for the summer months have been very well attended. Most all of our offi cer positions are filled other than ADM. I would really like to fi ll this position soon, as it is good to have a backup in case I am unable to attend a meeting and for training the next District Manager.

We can only hope someone will volunteer. We have just fi nished getting set up with the City of Glendale to do road clean up before our meeting once a quarter. Our new area will be 51st Avenue to 59th Avenue on Thunderbird. Thank you Cherie for spearheading that project.

On July 25th, we hosted the 6th Annual Brotherly Love In benefi ting our districts Downed Rider Fund. Our new activities person, Velvet, did a more than awesome job organizing, passing out fl yers, securing the venue, running games and gathering raffl es. Everyone seemed to have a great time socializing and answering trivia questions.

Some folks participated in the games which included: Pole In the Hole, Strap-on, and tennis ball race. There was loads of laughs for everyone watching. A few people pitched in to collect raffl es and we had everything – tattoo gift certificates, Harley shirts, massages, body works stuff, jewelry, collector items and much more.

So much, in fact, we had leftovers for the next event. We even had six Ladmo bags as part of the give a ways. A special thank you goes out to our hosts, the Amber Inn, for allowing us to use their business for our event.

The Amber Inn also donated the food and some really great raffl e prizes. It was a pleasure working with them and their friendly staff. October we will be hosting the State Board Meeting in Glendale. October 24th is the date, place TBD.


We will announce in the next issue. Everyone is welcome to attend the Board Meeting and our monthly meetings held the second Saturday each month at Charleys Place in Glendale.

Leather/Eagle District Report – May/June 2015

Submitted by Snakebite

Greetings from the now joined Leather and Eagle District!

After the two districts merged at the beginning of the year, there were still no officers to take over key positions.

After some phone calling and perhaps a little begging for help, a brief 1 month inactive period, were are moving again.

The new officers are:

  • Lee Gonzales – District Manager
  • Cherie Dubrow – Secretary/Board Member
  • Pat Farrow – Treasurer
  • Aaron “Rambler” Sikes – Sgt @ Arms
  • Linda “Velvet” Sikes – Activities
  • Joni “Kravitz” Reed – Quartermaster
  • Cindy Gates – Board Member.

Our last 2 meetings have averaged 25-30 people…so were off to a good start! We are still looking for an ADM. May 2nd we held our Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Booth at Cabelas at their annual employee family day.

Foot traffic was light so perhaps next year we try something new. The mayor of Glendale, Jerry Weirs, also came out to patronize our event and bought with him a proclamation from the City of Glendale proclaiming May “Motorcycle Safety and Awareness” Month in Glendale.

Velvet has been busy diving in feet first in the planning of our upcoming event “Debbie’s 8th Annual Brotherly Love In. It will be held this year at the Amber Inn on Saturday, July 25th, starting at 6pm.

This event we usually pick a pet charity to raise money for, but this year the district decided to raise money for the district ‘Down Riders” Fund. There will be 60s music, food, friends and fun. There will be new games for everyone’s entertainment. Come spend an evening with friends and help us to raise money that will help our fellow brothers and sisters in case they are involved in an accident.

We decided to do all the events that each of the districts did yearly and to only continue on with those most profitable next year and perhaps add something new. There are endless possibilities.

I have great expectations for the district this year for growth and with the help of all our volunteers, I believe we will achieve.


Eagle District Report – November/December 2014

ED-Cookout nov-dec-2014

We had a great time on October 11th at the Eagle District cook out. Thanks to Sage & Sand Grill (Mitch & Lucie) for supporting us with use of the grill, backyard & great waitress(s)! Come on out to our eagle meeting every third Sunday @ 9:30 @ Sage & Sand w/hotdogs & hamburgers hot off the grill! Everyone is welcome.