Nov/Dec 2017


Submitted By Mick Degn

AMSAF continues to help the Motorcycle Community

AMSAF is excited to announce that effective October 1, 2017 we have Motorcycle training Scholarships available again due to Grants we received from Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and Arizona Trauma Association.

In the last two years and this year is no exception, we’re seeing Motorcycle fatalities increase and we want to help change this statistic.

Are you an individual who wants to learn how to ride a motorcycle, been riding for a period of time without a motorcycle endorsement of just need to refresh your motorcycle riding skills?

Here’s your opportunity.

Please take advantage of it.

Each month that we have money available we will give out a certain allotment of Scholarships at the beginning of the month.

Once those are given out, the Scholarship will close and will reopen the 1st of the next month as long as we have funds.

The process is easy, all you have to do is go to  and fill out the application if it is open.

You will then give a $100.00 donation to AMSAF which is tax deductible and within a few hours you will receive your Scholarship instructions along with your promo code.

You can then call the school you selected or go on line at their web site and sign up for a class. AMSAF takes care of the rest.

There is one exception and that is TEAM Arizona will charge you a $30.00 fee at the time of registration with them.

This is the only school doing this.

Since starting the Scholarship process we have been able to give out over 2500 Scholarships throughout the State.

That is over 2500 individuals and families we’ve helped.

It’s also important for you to fill out the survey that we send out to you so we know how your experience with the motorcycle training helped you and how we might be able to help the motorcycle community more.

Here are some examples of the surveys we’ve received back and we appreciate this very much.

Every Tuesday AMSAF has safety tips on our Facebook page, please sign up for the facebook tips by doing a Liked for our page and get these tips each week.

If you don’t ride, share these tips with someone you know that rides.

We have a newsletter that comes out every month and have a lot of good information on this.

Sign up for the newsletter.

AMSAF is concerned about the number of motorcycle crashes and fatalities here in Arizona and we want to do everything we can to help reduce these numbers.

We want to be your go to business that can help you from Motorcycle safety and awareness.

Please check us out and check out our web site.

A lot of good information on there to help you and someone you might know who rides.

Here’s where we need your help.

Are you an individual, a business, a family or part of a community?

We are seeing an increase in Motorcycle fatalities and there are a number of reasons and we can’t do it alone.

We work hard to raise money to get folks into motorcycle training because you’ve told us you want to go and you see the importance of it but can’t afford the class.

Well now we have Scholarships available so there is no excuse for you not going.

So here is where we need your help:

We have Scholarships available, please take advantage of them and take a class.

We need funds to help us grow and help the motorcycle community.

We are a 501c3 nonprofit Foundation so all the funds we receive goes to helping promote motorcycle safety and awareness and get folks into motorcycle courses.

Are you a business that can help us with a Grant, Sponsorship or a donation?

Are you an individual or family that received a scholarship, how about doing a “Riding it Forward donation” and helping to get someone else into a course.

Any donation helps.

We just received a $10,000.00 Grant from the Arizona Trauma Association which is made up of Trauma Doctors from around the State who want to help reduce motorcycle crashes and fatalities.

They see individuals in the hospital on weekly basis and totally understand the importance of what we’re doing.