Submitted By Mick Degn


First, we’d like to THANK all of our Sponsors and Vendors that helped raise money for the 4th Annual “Riding for the Long Haul” Fundraiser.

A number of years ago when we started “Riding for the Long Haul” we wanted an event that would help the community and felt the best way was through Education.

We wanted an event where we could help the rider or potential rider Ride for the Long Haul. Meaning we wanted you to ride for a long time.

We also wanted an event where the community came together and just not the motorcycle community but as many organizations and businesses as we could get to help us reduce motorcycle crashes and fatalities in Arizona.

AMSAF’s goal is to promote motorcycle safety and awareness and at the same time reduce motorcycle crashes and fatalities.

So “Riding for the Long Haul” should carry that same message.

Since starting this event four (4) years ago we’ve grown each year in Sponsors, Vendors, and attendance.

We’ve also grown each year in the amount of money we have raised to help get more folks into motorcycle training through this event.

The event consists of Sponsors, Vendors, Seminars related to safety, Fashion show geared to the proper safety gear to wear, Police doing drills and maneuvers, food, silent auction, bucket raffles, 50/50, grand prize drawing worth $2500.00, band and some presentations along with guest speakers.

It’s a jam-packed day with a lot going on and hopefully, it’s a day where you’ve invested in you.

This year was another successful year and attendance was up and a lot more activities going on. If you missed the event…

As we look at 2019, mark your calendar for March 3, 2019, for “Riding for the Long Haul”.

Our focus has been since the beginning to help reduce motorcycle crashes and fatalities. In 2013 AMSAF started giving out Motorcycle training Scholarships and since that time, motorcycle crashes as a % of total crashes have come down. We feel that AMSAF had an impact on the help of reducing those numbers by what we do. On the flip side we’re seeing more fatalities and from our standpoint, one fatality is one too many.  This is one reason we feel that “Riding for the Long Haul” event is so important in helping the community. Take a minute to look at the graph below that shows some of the statistics.

Motorcycle crashes are not only the fault of the rider; they are also caused by cars and other vehicles not seeing the motorcycle. If you ride a motorcycle or drive a car, we both have a responsibility to look out for each other and help each of us come home safe. Let’s look out for each other and keep reducing these statistics and improving them.

If you’re looking for a charity to help, think about AMSAF. We are a nonprofit 501c3 and your tax-deductible donation can help save a life.

Thank you for your support of AMSAF and for doing everything you can do to help reduce motorcycle crashes and fatalities here in Arizona.

Mick Degn

Executive Director

Arizona Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Foundation (AMSAF)