Submitted By Mick Degn

April is here and before long we will be into the heat of the summer.

Let’s make sure we’re dressed properly and have plenty of fluid to not get us dehydrated when out there riding.

May is Motorcycle Safety Month and we will see a lot of postings and ideas to help all of us when out there riding.

Keep an eye on the overhead signs along the freeway as they light them up for motorcycle safety.

A big thank you for what ADOT does to promote Motorcycle Safety.

As a business, you always ask the question, “Does everyone know who or what AMSAF does?” or whatever your business is. AMSAF continues to look at that because we want to make sure everyone takes advantage of our resources.

Our goal is to promote motorcycle safety and awareness with the ultimate goal of reducing crashes and fatalities.

Just a few of the things that we do:

  • Facebook safety tips every Tuesday. We get a lot of views and shares on our tips. This month we just achieved 4000 likes on Facebook. We see that as a huge accomplishment. Check us out at
  • We offer Scholarships for motorcycle training when we have funds available. We offer two courses, the Basic Rider Course (BRC) and the Basic Rider Course 2 (BRC2). We are able to offer these Scholarships do to Grants we’ve received from Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, Sponsors and donations. At this time we don’t have any Scholarships to give out but as we get to the hot season it slows down on folks taking Scholarships.
  • Every month we have the “The AMSAF RIDER” newsletter that goes out and gives updates along with more safety tips. If you haven’t signed up for the newsletter, please do.
  • Each year we put on the “Riding for the Long Haul” event which promotes safety.

We couldn’t do the above if it wasn’t for our Executive Board and Advisory Board of AMSAF.

These are all volunteers who put in a lot of hours to help the community.

To help make this happen, we have a Strategic Plan that is very involved and focuses on the key elements of AMSAF as a business.

They are the following:

  • Fundraising
  • Events
  • Leadership Development
  • Public Relations/Marketing
  • Recognition/Awards

In this newsletter, we’ll focus on some of the Recognitions that the Recognition Committee have done recently and their overall goal.

Again, we want to thank you for all the support you’ve given AMSAF and we hope we’ve helped you in some way. Remember May is Motorcycle Safety Month.

Mick Degn

Executive Director

Arizona Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Foundation (AMSAF)