Submitted By Mick Degn

Temperature’s rising and the blacktop is getting a little slick at times.

Please be safe out there and watch your surroundings along with making sure you’re taking care of yourself.

On July 1st, AMSAF announced that we were able to get another Grant for $100,000.00 for Motorcycle training assistance.

We want to thank the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety for this grant along with Governor Ducey and Director Gutier.

It’s been through their support we continue to help the Motorcycle Community. Since AMSAF’s beginning, we have been able to give out over $700,000.00 in Motorcycle Training Assistance throughout the State.

That’s a huge accomplishment by anyone’s standards.

AMSAF’s goal since the beginning has been to promote motorcycle safety and awareness and help reduce motorcycle crashes and fatalities here in Arizona.

We believe we are helping to save lives through our Motorcycle Training Scholarship Assistance Program and our other safety initiatives.

We feel education is important and especially when you’re riding a motorcycle.

We offer financial assistance to you for the Basic Rider Course (BRC) and the Basic Rider Course 2 (BRC2).

Both courses are good and the schools we work with are the Motorcycle Safety Fund (MSF) and MVD certified.

We have been able to give out courses throughout the State.

The beginning of September we will be rolling out Scholarship Assistance again.

At that time, you can go to

As we get closer to September we will have updates on our Facebook page,

We’ve been fortunate to get a good response from those who have received Scholarship Assistance. If you’re thinking about taking a course, take a look at the survey and see what others have said.

You won’t be disappointed in taking a course and think about it from the standpoint that it’s an INVESTMENT in you and your family.

Thank you again for your support for AMSAF and for motorcycle safety and awareness.

Mick Degn

Executive Director

Arizona Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Foundation (AMSAF)