Our state legislative session is now over, most bills passed in session will soon become laws.

Working on ideas for next session.

Bobbi and I will start working with ABATE and ACMC, as well as legislative council and Alberto Gutier, to discuss plans for next years session.

We will also be contributing to an ACMC website on profiling, that is currently being discussed.

Motorcycle Profiling has become a tough issue for Arizona riders.

With various legislative pull back, we are having to become more creative in our approach.

One of those options is the website mentioned above.

It was said at the last ACMC meeting that various states had legislators that had personally experienced profiling.

This only adds to our cause.

Animal reported that the Motorcycle Profiling Project received a copy of a letter sent to the FL chapter of the Vietnam Vets / Legacy Vets from State Farm Insurance.

It stated that State Farm was notifying them that their insurance coverage on their clubhouse was being cancelled.

It was put in writing that it was based on the fact that they were a motorcycle club.

You can see more information associated with this issue on the Motorcycle Profiling Project website at –

Bobbi, Buddha and I went to the NCOM Conference in Reno Nevada.

All reports will be in the next issue. I tried a new recording device at NCOM. I’ve downloaded it into my computer and now working on retrieving it.

Buddha is having more luck in that department then I am.

MAP classes had slowed down with school session ending.

Pilot and myself will be providing MAP to the Deer Valley Unified School district students, the first week of June.


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Report by,
MMA Designated Lobbyist

Paul “Skypilot” Price

MMA Legislative Researcher-Consultant

Bobbi Hartmann