Paul-PriceThe Motorcycle Safety Fund bill (SB1082) has passed through the Senate with flying colors and has now been submitted to the House.

As soon as it is assigned its committees and scheduled, we will let you know.

Following are the talking points for SB1082 when speaking to your legislators. 

SB 1082 re-establishes our Motorcycle Safety fund.

– The biggest point is that this fund does NOT use any state monies.

– Arizona Motorcyclists pay a $9 registration fee, compared to vehicles who pay $8.

– That additional $1 is what goes into the Motorcycle Safety Fund.

– The fund is governed by the Director of the Governors Office of Highway Safety (GOHS).

– The original intent of the fund, when re-established in 2002, was to ‘subsidize’ motorcycle training throughout Arizona.

– A large number of motorcycle crashes are one vehicle crashes.

– Motorcyclists believe that we can make the roads safer by creating safer riders.

– Our fund provides grants to Arizona Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Foundation. They in turn provide scholarships to thousands of Arizona riders who could not otherwise afford training.

– Volunteers from the many motorcycle organizations and clubs, go to high schools and other venues to provide motorcycle awareness to vehicle drivers. They talk about how to prevent crashes with motorcycles and some of our vulnerabilities.

– The fund provides us with the tools to do those presentations.

– The month of May is proclaimed Motorcycle Safety Month by the Governor’s office. The fund provides the items we need to be successful at educating motorists during that timeframe.

– Arizona motorcyclists understand that it is more important to ‘Prevent Crashes’ rather than have ‘Safer Crashes’.

– We work hard to accomplish this through the many means mentioned. Our Motorcycle Safety Fund is necessary to make this all happen.

 Please be sure to Thank ‘any and all’ Senators for their support on our Bill, and ASK ‘any and all’ House Reps to support it as it passes through the House.

HB2046 – Motorcycle Riders;Helmets;Fees – was scheduled to be heard in the House Trans Committee.

The bill was to have Arizona motorcycle riders pay a Fee in order to ride without a helmet, something adults are now allowed for free.

ABATE, MMA and ACMC  prepared to kill this type of legislation.

First testimony attacked the bill language, line by line, and showed the flaws and vagueness of the bill.

It also brought attention, to how it was constitutionally questionable.

The second testimony described the helmet and its features and went on to show that it is not necessarily safer than not in some cases. It explained the in and outs of wearing a helmet.

The third testimony worked around stats. Many of those testifying were doctors and professional riding instructors. Depending on how you looked at the stats, things could be perceived differently.

The final vote of the legislators was 8 NO and 0 YES, therefore killing the bill.

Hopefully we will not be subject to this legislation in the future.

The Chairman of the House Trans, Noel Campbell, had met with the lobby team prior to the committee hearing.

He asked if we would have a problem if he suggested to Rep Friese to possibly think about doing a ‘Helmet Incentive’ type of bill next year.

In other words, give motorcyclists an incentive if the CHOSE to wear a helmet. We have no problem with that concept.

Paul “Skypilot” Price

MMA Designated Lobbyist

Bobbi Hartmann

MMA Legislative Researcher-Consultant