It was a successful legislative session, compared to last year. At the end of last years session our motorcycle fund bill got canned along with a lot of other bills.

In June of 2016 I started meeting with Alberto to get ideas on how to successfully run the motorcycle safety fund bill in 2017.

After a few meetings with Alberto, Bobbi and myself, we crafted the words for the bill.

We started looking for a sponsor. Being an election year, we chose a sponsor who we knew would win her district for the Senate.

She also happens to be a good friend of motorcyclists, Senator Karen Fann.

Once the session started, SB1082 went through the Senate with all but 6 voting for the bill.

Those who voted against the bill, were all questioned about the NO vote, and after we responded to their concerns, there was no problem.

In the House it was a different story. With 23 freshman legislators, we had to follow it closely.

Whenever we saw a problem, we immediately addressed it. Still, with all our efforts, when it came down to the final floor vote, we ended up with 40 YES and 19 NO votes.

It passed and was signed by Governor Ducey March 14th, 2017.

The Helmet Fee bill, dropped by Representative Dr. Friese from Tucson, came up early in session. The House Transportation Chairman decided to hear it.

This is the first time this bill has been allowed to be heard.

Thanks to the testimonies of Bobbi Hartmann MMA, Mike Infanzon ABATE and Johnny D ACMC, and comments from Rep Cook and my Rep Andrade, it was soundly defeated.

Motorcycle Day At The Dome 2017, was an outstanding success and good interaction between bikers and legislators. Thank you to all of those who put it together and to all that came out.

Your MMA lobby team needs ideas for the upcoming session, There is a Motorcycle Profiling Project that is being worked on at the state and national level, but we need additional ideas.
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Report by,
MMA Designated Lobbyist

Paul “Skypilot” Price

MMA Legislative Researcher-Consultant

Bobbi Hartmann