Having recently returned from MRF’s Meeting of the Minds (please see reports in this issue), we are busy preparing for the upcoming session.

As mentioned previously, we are in the process of meeting with legislators, in hopes of getting as many sponsors as possible on our Motorcycle Profiling Memorial we intend to submit.

Below is a short description of the difference between a Resolution and a Memorial. Based on this, a Memorial better suites our needs.

It will be a ‘message’ from the legislature to all law enforcement in Arizona:

  – A resolution is a declaration or expression of legislative opinion, will, intent or “resolve” in matters within the Legislature’s legal purview.

–  A memorial is a message sent to an officer or entity outside the Legislature and allows the Legislature to petition the recipient to acknowledge stated facts and act in a manner consistent with the request. It implies that the “memorialist” (the Legislature) lacks authority to act directly on the subject.

We are currently working to have a folder opened.

This is the first step to a bill for 2018.

The bill will allow us to separate motorcycle crash statistics from autocycles.

We are currently working with Polaris and several others to get this done. More on this as we progress.

Bobbi and I attended the first Biker Town Hall, hosted by ABATE of Arizona.

It was a huge success. The panel consisted of two lawyers, one Phoenix City Council man who was once a legislator, a bike builder, two current legislators and a Lieutenant from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office.

Participants got to ask a lot of questions and the panel got to share information with the crowd. Dinner before hand was excellent.

Hope to see more of you at the next Town Hall.

Please watch for time and place to be announced.

We are still working with MVD, to do our best, to address the numerous motorcycle riders who are riding without an ‘M’ endorsement on their drivers license.

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