With our 2018 state legislative session just around the corner, we recently had a lobby team meeting with ABATE lobbyist Mike Infanzon.

We discussed everything from enhancing penalties for specific right-of-way violations to the ‘memorial’ we intend to run on motorcycle profiling.


Mike has been working hard on creating relations with many of the legislators and done a lot of research on all topics motorcyclists are wanting us to pay attention to.


We discussed the ins and outs of Lane Splitting and the issues that might be involved with enacting it in various areas of Arizona, rather than the entire state.

It was decided to leave this topic on the back burner for now.


Mike brought up the possibility of having ‘Traffic School’ include a motorcycle riders course as a choice, when someone is instructed by the courts to go there.

This would involve the motorcycle course, having to be sanctioned by the state to be considered a ‘Traffic School.’ We will all be following through on this great idea.


We will be working with MVD, to do our best, to address the numerous motorcycle riders who are riding without an ‘M’ endorsement on their drivers license.


Motorcycle Profiling has become a tough issue for Arizona riders.

With various legislative pull back, we are having to become more creative in our approach. One thing we intend to do this year, is to get members of the State House of Reps, to introduce a ‘Memorial’ acknowledging motorcycle profiling.

This is the same as a Resolution at the federal level. You can see more information associated with the issue of Motorcycle Profiling in general around the country, at


We are investigating the issue of Autocycle vs. motorcycle stats.

More on that as it evolves.


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Bobbi Hartmann

MMA Legislative Researcher-Consultant