District Report – Jan/Feb 2018

Submitted by: Deb Althouse-Payne

Greetings from Verde Valley District – are you all ready for 2018? Well Stretch is on his annual hunting trip so I am doing our district year-end report and wow, what a year it’s been!

We have done so much for our communities and we’ve gone on some really great rides. Stretch and I would like to thank everyone that has joined MMA and has joined us in riding to support our communities and just for fun.

I am sure I will miss a few things but here are the top rides we participated in or sponsored this year: Frosty Balls and Chilly Boobs on January 1st where we raised over $2000 for the Verde Valley Military Service Park, a large group of us participated in the Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans run in April which was a police escorted motorcycle parade from Cottonwood thru Sedona then thru Village of Oak Creek and Cornville arriving back in Cottonwood as a group for the celebration.

The Jester Memorial Run in May to remember all our brothers and sisters who are no longer with us, we participated in Abate’s Too Broke For Sturgis event and rode over to Rim Country District to support their bikini bike wash in June, Thunder Valley Rally was in September and VVD and RCD were out for the rides and concerts while promoting MMA and running the Bike Games.

We also held a new TVR event named Little Bikers where a group of us went to a local preschool and gym to promote motorcycle safety and handed out the MMA coloring books to all the kids, then in October we held our annual Biker Dawgs Run supporting Verde Valley Humane Society and Central Arizona Animal Search and Rescue where we raised over $1200 to help local animals in need, in October a group of us also rode over Mingus Mountain with The American Legion Riders for their Annual BBQ at the VA Hospital in Prescott.

Then in November we supported The Moose Lodge Toy Run and January 1st 2018 brings back Frosty Balls Run with this year’s proceeds going to the Cottonwood Firefighters Association!!

In addition to all of these rides we continued to hold monthly Bike Nights thru out the Verde Valley supporting our Business Members and networking over drinks and dinner.

We also had members participate in several flag lines and motorcycle escorts for veterans and we worked with Cottonwood, Clarkdale and Sedona City Councils this year to have May Proclaimed Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month.

So, as you can see Verde Valley District is an active district that gets out and rides and supports our communities.  Please tell your friends and invite them to join us.

You can follow our district on Facebook by liking the Page: MMA – Verde Valley. We hope to see you all at Frosty Balls and Chilly Boobs run on Monday January 1st. Registration and End Party at American Legion Post 25 with KSU at 10:45.

Lunch will be provided for all registered participates.

Please ride safe everyone and remember too Look Twice.

Happy New Year!



District Report – November/December 2017

Submitted by: Terry ‘Stretch’ Payne

Hello all Brothers and Sisters from the Verde Valley.

Well we are made past the hot summer months and finally into fall here in the Verde Valley and the temperatures are coming down nicely.

This makes for some very enjoyable riding weather.

If you have the time come up and join us for some of the best riding in Arizona. MMA VVD just wrapped up our support of the Thunder Valley Rally (TVR) weekend.

It appears to have been a huge success.

If you didn’t come up you should plan for next year.

This year’s concerts included local favorites like The Mods as well as National acts including of Kenny Wayne Sheppard and Blue Oyster Cult.

I want to thank all of our MMA members for your support at the Rally.

We all had a great time and the people games were a lot of fun.

We will improve of the games next year, Deb and I have already met with the TVR Committee on new ideas.

To kick off our participation in TVR this year MMA VVD organized a new program called “Little Bikers”.

The Thursday before TVR officially kicked off we met up with about 30 other bikers and rode over to Flip City, a local day care and gymnastics facility.

Flip City had the little bikers waiting for us out front and as we rolled in they all started jumping up and down and clapping.

We talked to the kids about motorcycle safety and awareness and handed out the MMA Coloring Books. 

Special thanks to Council Member Kyla Allen for being our guest speaker!!

The kids were then taken outside where we had them team up with our adult bikers and they could sit on a few bikes and were able to ask questions about the bikes.

The kids had a blast and were well behaved, (even the teachers were well behaved –  LOL).  Lots of parents showed up and everyone thanked us for getting the kids engaged with TVR and motorcycles.

Special thanks to Charles ‘Old Fart’, Dan ‘Billy Goat’ and Jim for letting the kids climb on your bikes.

The group from Mayer/Grand Canyon Harley Davidson also came over with a trailer full of new motorcycles.

Thanks to Logan and Kyle Rose for your help with this.

The kids were all smiles and so were all of us.

We have included pictures in this month’s patriot regarding the Flip City event and the TVR.

This event at Flip City with the kids also made the front page of our local newspaper – can you imagine how excited the kids were to see their picture in the paper!

We are looking to do this again next year to help promote motorcycle safety and awareness and expand the program to more kids.

MMA VVD is also a proud supporter of our local youth football High Desert Youth Football.

Each game we will have a banner hanging at the game. 

Our donation has assisted with items needed including uniforms and equipment.

Our district membership continues to grow.

It’s great to see new faces at our district meetings and new ideas.

Please join us at the Moose Lodge the 2nd Sunday of each month at 11am.

Come early for a wonderful breakfast by the Moose Members.

That’s all I have for now. Our district Members are busy getting ready for Biker Dawgs which is October 7th and then our Annual Frosty Balls and Chilly Boobs run will be Monday January 1st with start and end party at American Legion Post 25 – Cottonwood. Moose Lodge Toy Run is Saturday November 11th with registration at Walmart.

Please join us as we ride thru the Verde Valley and support our communities.

District Report – September/October 2017

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

It’s hot, humid and sticky here in the Valley.

The monsoons have really hit the Valley hard this year.

We haven’t been able to ride much with the lightening and flooded roads.

Our membership continues to grow, I want to thank all of our members for helping to bring in new members.

But this also brings in a sad note, one of our good members is moving out of state and we will surely miss him.

Thanks Tim for being a good brother to the MMA Verde Valley, you and your wife,  Sue will be missed by all of us.

Let us know when you are back in the Valley and we will all try to ride together.

We have some upcoming events:

the first is the Thunder Valley Rally September 15th & 16th.

This year the evening bands will be located in Free Bird Entertainment Park which will be located at Riverfront Park in Cottonwood. The headliners are Kenny Wayne Shepherd Friday night and Blue Oyster Cult Saturday night. There will be camping and vendors along with a bar at the park.

For more details see the flyer in the patriot or go to thundervalleyrallyaz.com.

Rumor has it, our chairman Hollywood and his lovely wife Vine will be at the event please come out and party with all of us.

The Verde Valley district will be hosting our 3rd annual Biker Dawgs run Saturday Oct 7th.

Start is at Scherich Insurance 657 E Cottonwood St. For more details see our flyer in the patriot.

Our end party will be at The Bar at Strombolli’s starting at 1pm so if you can’t make the run please stop by end party to show your support.

All proceeds go to the Verde Valley Humane Society & Central Arizona Animal Search and Rescue.

The Verde Valley holds our monthly Bile Nite the 3rd Friday of every month and  are still going strong, thanks to everyone for coming out and showing support.

The various businesses have been very excited to have us and we have certainly had a good time.

That’s all I have for now. Ride safe.

Stretch VVD DM


District Report – July/August 2017

Hello Brothers and Sisters,
Our summer riding season has arrived here in Arizona.

I’d like to remind everyone to do your maintenance checks now before it gets real hot and we start having break downs.

Check your tires, brakes, fluids, and battery cables to wear and replace as necessary.

I want to thank all of those who attended our annual Jester Run this year.

The weather was great and so was the ride and event.

This year we had the end party at The Chaparral Bar.

Thanks to Don and Pam for hosting the event.

Thanks also to Dave Joslin for stepping up and playing his music at the event at the last minute.

You saved the end party and we appreciate it!!

Thanks to all of our district members who helped put on this event.

It is very time consuming and takes at least 6 months to plan.

Keith and Bonnie Kaufmann thanks so much for helping with the raffle prizes and taking down everything at the sign up site.

Thanks to Patty for helping sell 50/50 tickets and everyone else that helped the day of the event.

I am sure I am missing some key people.

Thanks to Auto motion for letting us use your wonderful location for sign ups, and Papa Dave we were so glad to have you back this year for the service.

You are truly a great person. 8-ball, as always your poem was very good and moving.

Our next run will be Biker Dawgs to support the Humane Society here in Cottonwood and the Animal Sanctuary in Cornville.

It will be held Saturday October 7th – Look for more information in the Patriot as they become available.

June 10 a group of riders from Verde Valley will take a day ride to Too Broke for Sturgis at Mormon Lake.

Then our next ride will be to Rim Country Districts Bikini Bike wash, we are looking forward to having a nice visit with brothers and sisters in Rim Country.

Once again we are seeing a growth in membership. I want to thank everyone who has helped with signing up new members and re-signing others.

Thanks again to the Moose Lodge for giving us a new home for our district meetings! Breakfast was awesome and so is the facility.

Don’t forget Deb updates our Facebook page MMA – Verde Valley with all of our group ride information as well as meeting notifications so make sure to follow us on Facebook.

That’s all I have for now, everyone ride safe and thanks for supporting the MMA.

Submitted by Terry ‘Stretch’ Payne

District Report – May/June 2017

Submitted by Terry ‘Stretch’ Payne

Hello everyone,

Winter is finally over here in the Valley and we are glad to have some of our great riding
weather coming upon us. Our January 1st Frosty Balls and Chilly Boobs was just that this
year, cold and wet.

But as we always do we prevailed and had a great turn out and raised $2000 for the Military Service Park allowing MMA VVD to sponsor the Coast Guard Flag

We have started having Bike Night here in the Valley. We try to meet on Main Street in Old Cottonwood and show support for our Biker Friendly establishments. We meet once a month every third Friday at 5pm and have dinner and socialize with our fellow bikers and
community members. Everyone is welcome whether you ride or do not ride. The first 3
months we were at Adriana’s Mexican restaurant. We had great turn outs and lots of fun.

This last month we tried a new restaurant, Colt 804 Grill. They have excellent BBQ and other assorted foods all cooked fresh daily.

Everyone was very pleased. So much that we will be back in April! While eating in the courtyard we observed customers that were walking down the street.

When we asked why they weren’t dining in they told us the restaurant was full.

Our monthly Bike Nights have also resulted in several new MMA memberships

I would like to thank Bob Gates and Deb for their extra efforts lately landing us some new Business and Business Life members! Bob was able to sign up Steak and Stuff which is in the Fry’s shopping Center and Deb signed up Scherich Insurance – see new business write- ups for more information.

Great job and keep up the good work! At our last district meeting the Chairman and his wife Vine stopped by. It was a great surprise and Hollywood presented Ed and Janet with a Bulldogg and a Thorny Rose patch respectively. Thanks Hollywood &
Vine for taking the time to meet with us it was a lot of fun to have you at a VVD meeting.

We are in our planning stage for our annual Jester Run here in Verde Valley. It will be May 13th to honor our lost brothers and sisters from the past. If you would like to take a great ride through the Verde Valley during our great temperatures.

Finally, we have a new Life Business member with the Verde Valley Moose Lodge 1449.

Thanks to Allen and Cheri Marx for helping with that. Starting in May we will be holding our monthly meetings in the hall at the Moose.

They have invited us to use their facility and will be serving breakfast for our members and other guests from 9am – 11am. Our meeting will continue to start at 11am. A big thanks to the members of the Moose lodge 1449. That’s it for the updates, everyone have a great safe summer, and we look forward to seeing you all out on a ride somewhere soon.

District Report – March/April 2017

Submitted by Terry ‘Stretch’ Payne

Happy New Year to all our Brothers and Sisters.

Here we are 2017!

I bet a lot of you never thought you would make it this far!

The MMA Verde Valley District kicked off the New Year in fashion as we always do with our 22nd annual Frosty Balls and Chilly Boobs run!

We had a very good turnout despite the all night and into the morning rain and almost freezing conditions.

Riders showed up early for coffee, burritos and conversation. Everyone was layered up very good and ready for the run through Cottonwood, Sedona, Village of Oak Creek, Cornville and back to Cottonwood.

I want to say thanks so much to the American Legion Post 25 for having the start and end party for us. Also the ladies auxiliary and all of the others for providing food and beverages.

Thanks Chef Dave for opening the grill so the riders could have some hot food after the run.

For more on this topic see the Frosty Balls article in this edition of the Patriot.

The Verde Valley district is growing, I want to thank all of our new and loyal existing members for their great support of our district.

Once again we have had events that result in new memberships which is awesome. We kicked off our first Bike night at Adrianna’s Mexican restaurant in Old Town Cottonwood on a (once again rainy and cold night) good note.

We had 27 Bikers join us for great food conversations and beverages. Everyone gave a positive thumbs up to the idea of doing this every month.

This was very exciting, its’ just another way of Verde Valley bikers networking and socializing in our community, and sharing ideas.

I want to give a big Thanks to Adrianna and her staff for her support and taking care of thirsty/hungry bikers!

We look forward to this month’s get together.

Our district is already planning our next event which is our Annual Jester Run, in memory of Jester and all of our lost brothers and sisters.

This year it will be May 13, the second weekend in May, mark your calendars for a wonderful day of celebration and a great ride through the Verde Valley.

If your district lost a motorcyclist in 2016 to current please be sure to get their name, DOB and DOD to Deb so she can add to the memorial list.

Please see our soon to be flyer here in the Patriot for more information.

That’s all I have for now ride safe and we will see everyone soon.


District Report – January/February 2017

Submitted by Terry ‘Stretch’ Payne

A big Hello Brothers and Sisters from the Verde Valley.

The months of October and November are sometimes our busiest and best riding weather.

We had our 2nd annual Biker Dawgs Run in October and raised a little over $500 for the Verde Valley Humane Society and Morning Star Animal Sanctuary.

Then the 1st weekend in November we supported the Cottonwood Teen Center Annual Toy Run and we couldn’t have asked for nicer weather.

Both events went into Sedona and thru Cornville and then back into Cottonwood/Clarkdale for the end parties.

Then the following week we had two events in our district –  a benefit run for Deb from Bings Burgers and also a Rock n Roll Ride benefiting Steps to Recovery.

We decided it was best to support both so we divided up  and conquered both events showing MMA support.

Next will be our version of Birds on Bikes, we call it Hams on Hogs – because we like to be a little different than everyone else.

This year the food will be donated to the VFW Post 7400 here in Cottonwood to assist veteran families in need with a good holiday dinner. I know this time of year there are many toy runs and other events going on so please take some time to support one.

Next up is our Annual Frosty Balls & Chilly Boobs run January 1st rain or shine. This year proceeds will be going to the Verde Valley Military Service Park here in Cottonwood to aid in phase 2 construction costs.

This year we decided to have run shirts and we asked several local businesses to sponsor the shirts with a $50 donation to cover the cost.

Special Thanks to all the business that stepped up to help us raise even more money for the Military Service Park.

My next district report will provide an update on Frosty Balls and Chilly Boobs Run and if Mother Nature was naughty or nice! I also want to thank all of the businesses for their support of the MMA here in the Verde Valley.

Our membership is growing and along with that we are seeing more and more new members standing up and helping with our runs and membership responsibilities.

Thank you to all of our members and especially those who show up at our monthly meetings and events – we couldn’t do this without all of you!

We wish everyone a Happy New Year from the Verde Valley.

District Report – November/December 2016

Submitted by Terry ‘Stretch’ Payne

Hi Fellow riders.

Summer is finally over once again here in the Verde Valley. We now are into our fall time of year where its time enjoy some much cooler weather and nice riding weather.

We have some very busy months of October, November and December with rides and events coming up.

In just 2 weeks (probably before this issue is printed) we have 2nd Annual Biker Dawgs – helping raise funds for animals in the Verde Valley.

The Verde Valley Toy Run in November 5th with start at Walmart off Highway 260. Then on November 12th we are supporting a ride for Deb from Bing’s Burgers who needs assistance with medical costs.

November 13th we are doing our version of Birds on Bikes: Hams on Hawgs and will be riding to VFW Post 7400 to donate food items to help veteran families in need this time of year.

And we are of course gearing up for our Annual Frsty Balls and Chilly Boobs run on January 1st raising money to support the Verde Valley Military Service Park.

I would like to take a moment to thank everyone who helped out with Thunder Valley Rally this year. It was quite an undertaking manning the booth including setup and teardown.

I want to say a special thanks to Lizzy and Loren Dickens for their help and dedication
to the cause. Jeff and Darcy you both were outstanding as well, taking others turns manning the booth, and our wonderful treasurer Sponge Bob for his help as well.

Thank all of you for such great support of TVR – it was a success this year!!! I heard that Superstition (Dan Beyer and Company) were quiet the show and had a lot of fun with The Mods!

Good job teams.
The Verde Valley district is showing some great growth in memberships, I want to thank all of our members for the work involved with bringing in new members and new business members.

Keep up the great work.

I also would like to recognize Snakebite, this is her last edition of the Patriot. Thanks Snakebite for all your hard work with the paper and with MMA!

That’s all I have for now, please spread the word regarding motorcycle safety and awareness and ride safe everyone.

District Report – July/August 2016

Submitted by Terry ‘Stretch’ Payne

Hello fellow riders and MMA members.

The Valley has warmed up this summer with a good daily monsoonal drenching. It is nice to have the temperatures drop some in the summer. Just remember to take special care to watch for rocks and debris in the canyons on other routes.

Our upcoming events include the Thunder Valley Rally September 16th & 17th.

The MMA state will have a booth setup at the event the entire weekend.

Please stop by and say hi and help us to promote motorcycle safety and motorcycle awareness and the MMA!

Bring your friends and we will sign them up for MMA.

After Thunder Valley Rally the MMA Verde Valley’s next event will be our 2nd Annual Biker Dawgs, this will be in October — and the proceeds will go to the Verde Valley Humane Society and Morning Star Animal Sanctuary.

Please plan to attend this is a very fun run and it benefits a great cause.

Following that event, I want to remind everyone of our annual Frosty Balls and Chilly Boobs run January 1st 2017!

This is another fun event that donates proceeds to the Verde Valley Veterans Memorial Service Park being built here in Cottonwood at Garrison Park.

The proceeds help to fund items needed during construction, like flag poles, flags, statues etc.

You are also welcome to make a donation to this great memorial. We will do this ride rain or shine (but not with multiple inches of snow) it is always a lot of fun.

The run will be supported by The American Legion Post 25. The start will be at Post 25 with a breakfast served (for a small donation) and the end Party there as well with live music and food available at a cost.

We will take a nice ride into Sedona and visit our good friend Mike at Old Sedona Bar and Grill a long time sponsor of this event and the MMA in Verde Valley.

Other stops will be advertised as we finalize them.

For those of you who are interested Post 25 is located at 480 S Calvary Way in Cottonwood.

Calvary Way is just off of 89A one street past Willard which is the street the hospital is located on.

For those of you who might need a place to stay pre ride or post ride the Quality Inn is next door to Post 25 at 301 W. Sr 89-A, Cottonwood, AZ 86326. Phone:(928) 634-4207.

If you feel you need more information on any of these rides please contact our activities coordinator Lizzy Dickens, her information is on the MMA Web Page.


District Report – July/August 2016

Submitted by Terry ‘Stretch’ Payne

Hello everyone from the Verde Valley.

I hope everyone out there had a great month of May.

Here in the Verde Valley we celebrated Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month for the month of May.

Click image for full size
Click image for full size

A group of us (thanks Loren and Lizzy Dickens and Deb for attending) attended the Cottonwood City Council meeting and Mayor Diane Joens proclaimed May as Motorcycle Safety and Awareness month here in Cottonwood.


Once again this year, we found it to be an excellent experience participating in the council meeting and meeting the all the representatives of our city.

Deb has even decided to run for one of the open City Council seats so when you see her on the ballot in August and November be sure to Vote for Deb Althouse!!

We found all City Council Representatives as well as City Manager and Attorney to be very gracious and understanding of motorcyclists in the community.

That left us all with a good feeling. I urge everyone out there to get to know your City Representatives because good things can come from that along with some great knowledge of your City.

The weather is heating up here in the valley so everyone needs to start taking precautions, hydrate before you go out on a ride.

Don’t forget the sun screen and take breaks from the sun. Be safe out there. I also want to mention again the Thunder Valley Rally will be here in Cottonwood again this year  –  September  16th – 18th.

I would like to encourage everyone who can to make it try and visit the Rally and help support MMA.

MMA State will have a booth at the rally and we are looking for volunteers to man the booth.

We will be setting up shifts so no one gets burned out or sun burned! That’s all I have for now looking forward to seeing everyone in September.

District Report – May/June 2016

Submitted by Terry ‘Stretch’ Payne

Well here we are everyone, its spring and our best riding season is now upon us here in Arizona.

This last year we had quite the weather here in the Verde Valley, we had Rain, Snow, floods and heavy winds.

The roads have had a lot of abuse so take care when out riding. Be aware that some roads have severe road damage done by last winter’s storms.

Take the time to check your air pressure in your tires and your batteries’ condition before we get into the summer months.

I would like to talk a brief bit about two upcoming events here in the valley.  First of all the Jester Run will be May 14th 2016.

This year we will be dedicating the run to one of our close brothers and hardworking motorcycle rights advocate, Steve “ Muskrat” Musgrave.

Muskrat was known by almost everyone in Arizona who is involved in motorcycles and the motorcycle world. We will also be remembering all other lost brothers and sisters from this last year.

If you can find time to join us in the Verde Valley this May please do and you will be treated to a very nice celebration of life and a wonderful ride through the Valley.

See the flyer in the Patriot for more information and starting location.

Next we would like to promote the Thunder Valley Rally here in the Verde Valley.

This year is a make or break year for this event or it could very well be discontinued.

This is a 3 day event with live music and rides and fun for everyone with Sturgis style parking on main street in old town Cottonwood.

There will be vendor booths, bike shows and much much more. The event kicks off September 16th Friday.

We hope to see you there.

Ride safe everyone!

District Report – March/April 2016

Submitted by Debi Althouse Payne

Wow 2016 already….seems like just yesterday Stretch and I joined the MMA. Hard to believe it’s been 7 years now.

We are finally full-time residents of Cottonwood!

This has been a long planned process but we are finally here and very excited to be able to see our friends much more often.

Verde Valley District had our annual Frosty Balls and Chilly Boobs Run on January 1st.

We were extremely happy to have good weather and a great turnout. My good friend Pam Van Winkle who is also our VVD Membership Officer rode the entire run with Stretch on the Dyna and had a blast.

VVD is now busy planning our Annual Jester Run which will be held Saturday May 14th so mark your calendars.

We have a group of riders coming down for the MMA State Beach Party – they are meeting at the Chevron on 260 by 17 Freeway with KSU at 9:30.

The Verde Valley Military Service Park is bringing the Gatlin Brothers into Cottonwood for a fund raiser for the Park.

Tickets are $50 each and event is April 30th. Tickets can be ordered online at

Several VVD Members will be attending to show our support for our Military.

Please join us!

Note, our May meeting is moved to May 1st due to Mother’s Day being on the 8th. Hope to see you all at our next meeting which is March 13th at Nate’s Cowboy Café at 11am.

Come early for biker breakfast.

Ride Safe everyone.

District Report – January/February 2016

Submitted by Debi Althouse Payne

Wow, I can’t believe 2015 is coming to a close. The Verde Valley District sure was busy this year adding several new members and welcoming several new businesses as well as maintaining our current memberships and business members.

On behalf of the VVD I would like to thank all our wonderful businesses for your support this year from supplying raffl e items to giving MMA members discounts to supporting and hosting our runs – you all Rock! Our Activities Director Lizzy Dickens, along with her husband Loren, have done an amazing job getting VVD even more involved in our community.

We held our annual Frosty Balls Run (Although Mother Nature got the win with a few feet of snow), Jester Memorial Run was a huge success, 1st Biker Dawgs to support the Verde Valley Humane Society and Morning Star Animal Sanctuary had a great turn-out and raised a lot of money to help the animals in our community, Birds on Bikes helped 4 families in need from the VFW Post 7400 and the Toy Run supported the local Teen Center.

We were also out volunteering at many community events including Thunder Valley Rally and supporting the Verde Valley Military Service Park. The VVD riders supported several runs to help raise money for people in need including helping get Doug Cannon his prosthetic leg and Kristiana’s Run to help the family with medical expenses.

You can usually find a handful or more of us over in Rim Country partying and supporting our neighboring district and their events. The group gets together on the weekends to ride up to Flagstaff or Bellemont or over to Jerome and Prescott Valley – it’s so nice to have everyone getting together to ride and enjoy our beautiful state.

When we had a call to action for everyone to attend the Cottonwood Council meeting to help Save the Thunder Valley Rally we couldn’t have asked for more of our local bikers to show up and succeed in saving the event!

We elected officers and board members at our December meeting and surprisingly have no changes – a Special thanks to all our volunteers and everyone that attends our monthly meetings. I know Stretch and I both appreciate and value the friendships we have built in working with the MMA and we look forward to a wonderful 2016.

We would also like to thank Diane Joens, Cottonwood Mayor for your continued support of our runs and helping us put up the Look Twice for Motorcycle signs thru out Cottonwood.

The snow birds are back so everyone please ride safe and Look Twice!

District Updates November/December 2015

by Debi Althouse Payne

It’s been a busy year up in the Verde Valley and we have lots more planned to fi nish 2015 off with a bang.

By the time you read this article we will have completed our 1st annual Biker Dawgs Run benefi tting the animals of Verde Valley with all proceeds going to Verde Valley Humane Society and Morning Star Animal Sanctuary.

A huge shout out to Lizzy and Loren Dikens for making this run a great success. I don’t know what the VVD would do without the two of you.

Also big thanks to Janet and Ed Vanlandingham for helping us get sponsors for the t-shirts and calendars!

And to everyone else who rounded up raffl e items and sponsors. You are all amazing!

Next up we have the Toy Run which will be November 7th starting at WalMart and ending at the Moose Lodge with all proceeds benefi tting the Teen Center. We are very pleased the Teen Center was able to take this run over this year and MMAVVD happily supports and promotes.

Then we have our annual Hams on Hawgs, Verde Valley’s version of Birds on Bikes which will take place on Sunday December 13th after our meeting. Then we kick off 2016 with our Annual Frosty Balls nd Chilly Boobs run on January 1st with proceeds benefi tting the Verde Valley Military Service Park.

A huge shout out to Cheap Sunglasses Band for supporting this event and playing at end party which will be held at The Bar at Stombolli’s from 1 – 5pm. After all that we will start planning for the 2016 Jester Memorial Run.

Yes we keep very busy in the Verde Valley riding and supporting our community. Please consider joining us at one or all of these events.

The district has been doing a lot of group rides where we meet up – announced via our Facebook Page MMA – Verde Valley and riding to one or more of our business members or up to Bellemont or Flagstaff.

Like our page to get all of our updates and announcements. We would like to thank and welcome the Moose Lodge for joining MMA and we look forward to riding with the Moose Riders.

Finally a big thanks to everyone in our district that has been coming to the meetings and working so hard in our community.

Together we make a huge difference!

Ride Safe everyone!

District Updates September/October 2015

by Terry ‘Stretch’ Payne

Hi, to all from the Verde Valley!

Its summer and its hot even here in the Verde Valley! I want to update everyone on what we have been doing lately. The district has signed up some good new business members.

We want to welcome Red Rock Auto in Sedona, Bedrock Landscaping Materials, the Verde Valley Humane Society and the Verde Valley Moose Lodge 1449.

It is nice to have these new business members on board and we will be looking forward to having run stops and events at their facilities.

We have actually already made plans for the fi rst ever Biker Dawgs run which will feature the Humane Society and the pets ready for adoption. All proceeds from this event will go to Verde Valley Humane Society (VVHS) and Morning Star Animal Sanctuary.

See flyer on the Calendar page of this issue. On another note, I would like to say thanks to all of our members, they have been getting together and taking rides around the valley and visiting our business members and introducing themselves.

This is a great way to get in a nice ride and get to know others and show support to our business members. We have some new members in our district along with some new offi cers.

I want to introduce new member and new Membership Officer, Pam Vanwinkle. Pam comes to us from the VFW post 7400 and the Moose Lodge 1449. She brings a lot of experience and enthusiasm.

Some of you know Pam as she volunteer’s for signups at the Jester Run every year, along with all of the other volunteering she does within our community.

Also Betty Clark has accepted the position as Quartermaster.

Betty is a hard worker here in the valley and I believe she will do a great job. As our membership expands I don’t want to forget to take the time and thank everyone here in the Verde Valley for their contributions and for taking the time to make this a very proud district!

You all are the greatest and I really mean that from my heart. Last thing goes along the same thoughts, thank so much to all that helped and participated in the Jester Run this year. It was a total success!

This would not be possible without all of the district members pulling together working together and riding together. From the parade to the end party it was a beautiful site seeing all of the bikes and smiling faces.

You all Rock! I am looking forward to seeing everyone at Biker Dawgs October 10th. Also a reminder we will be doing a group ride to Bellmount HD for the Bikers for Paws run. I hope to see a lot of people there.

It’s a nice ride to Bellmount HD and they have a really nice grill with great food for everyone to enjoy. The ride will take you through the northern part of the state which will be a nice refreshing change to the valley heat.

That’s all I have for now.

Ride safe out there, keep the shiny side up!

District Updates May/June 2015

Submitted by Terry ‘Stretch’ Payne

Hi everyone!

Its springtime here in the Verde Valley! It sure is beautiful weather for riding and viewing all of the wonderful flowers and cactus blooming in the Verde Valley.

A few of the members and Officers of the district decided to take a day and ride through the district stopping at some of our business members and possible new business members promoting MMA of AZ and motorcycle safety.

It was nice to see so many people and meet new ones. It also gives everyone a chance to talk about what the MMA is all about, what a MRO is and to educate the public on motorcycle safety. It is very encouraging to have new business members signing up in support of the MMA VVD, along with the new members we continue to bring into our district.

I want to thank all of our members and officers for their hard work in our district and at the State fundraiser, The Beach Party at the Road Runner. It is very nice to see everyone working together to accomplish our goals.

I continuously have members of our community telling us that we are doing a great job and are willing to back the MMA here in the Verde Valley. Thanks to all who attend our monthly meetings. We have had great turnouts the last few months, with people just trying to find a place to sit since the room is full. We may have to expand our meeting place soon (Hopefully).

A special thanks to our ADM Jeff Peters and Darcy and Lizzy and Loran, Ed V and Janet for taking last months meeting while Deb and I were in Kansas greeting my son Nicholas and family, welcoming him back from his second tour of duty in Kuwait/Iraq. This district rocks!

We are all busy here in the valley with preparations for the upcoming Jester run May 2nd. This is our annual run to honor our fallen brother and sisters. Please if you have the time to come out and join us, there will be a very special ceremony and a wonderful ride through the Verde Valley, Sedona, Cornville, Page Springs and Cottonwood – if you haven’t seen the beautiful red rocks of Sedona on a bike or the vineyards in Page Springs you are in for a treat.

Also thanks to everyone who came out for Doug Cannon’s run to raise money for him. Doug was injured in an accident recently and some members of the community pulled together a run to help him with his expenses.

Lastly I want to take time to remember a good friend and brother who we lost just recently. This person earned the Bulldog award, our Chariman “Hollywood”was able to present it to him at a Jesteer run in 2013 that was hosted in the parking lot of the Food City that he managed and happened to be a complete success because of his efforts.

Jeff Christian passed away March 26th after a battle with cancer. Jeff was very much dedicated to our community and helping the MMA and anyone in the community. He always had that crazy smile and a good word for anyone.

It is truly hard to put words together in this instance.

God speed my brother. You will always be remembered in the Verde Valley for your kindness.

“Stretch” DM VVD MMA

District Updates March/April 2015

Submitted by Jeff Peters, ADM Now that we are into a new year, Verde Valley District is truly coming together. There are many new and great ideas for runs and reasons to get together and ride.

Even though our Frosty Ball and Chilly Boobs run was cancelled due to bad weather, we still raised money at the after party for Verde Valley Community Hospice. Big shout out to all that attended in the snow.

We are doing a great job at getting businesses to join our mission of motorcycle safety and awareness. Bill at Red Rock Auto and Cycle is one of our latest business members. I had the pleasure of going out to pick up his membership and see the shop.

We have the MMA Beach Party coming up and hope all our members from around the state can attend and show their support. It’s a shame Red Mountain District is going inactive. Hopefully, the other districts will absorb the members in that area. Again let’s not forget to give “OUR” support to all.

We do a great job raising money to a lot of different organizations including our own. Verde Valley District is showing their support with a run for Doug Cannon on the 28th of Feb. I would personally like to invite other districts to join in this cause.

We all need to celebrate life, no matter what it hands us! I would like everyone to know ahead of time, we do have Jester patches.

The cost is $10.00 a piece, a great addition to any vest. We have also made up another district I. D. rocker to go over the top of your MMA patch.

If you’re interested, contact Sponge Bob or Jeff. That’s all I have this month.

Ride safe everyone.

District Updates January/February 2015

Submitted by Terry ‘Stretch’ Payne

I would like to start off with a big thanks to all of our Verde Valley members for a great 2014.

Also huge thanks to all of the 2014 officers who truly showed their love for MMA, motorcycle rights and our community.

You all Rock! Robert, I have to give you a special thanks for stepping in as DM when I asked. Trish you of course did an amazing job leading our activities and events and we truly appreciate all you both did. I am glad you will be able to relax a bit, let others take the lead and enjoy the rides!!

Congratulations to all of our newly elected officers for the 2015, we have some new faces and new members that I am looking forward to working with! As we say in the District the Verde Valley Railroad got me and I am once again your District Manager.

I am joking as I am happy to lead this Awesome District and I know with these two newly elected officers ADM Jeff Peters and Activities Lizzy Dickens we are sure to come up with some great ideas for runs, community events and a lot more motorcycle safety and awareness in our District.

Thanks to all the officers who got reelected/agreed to do another year – your support is much appreciated. Let’s have a great 2015! I want to let everyone know we have a Verde Valley member who is going through some tough times. Doug Cannon was in a motorcycle accident this last October 2014 and has had some difficult times, with multiple surgeries.

He has been in and out of the hospital several times.

We have taken up donations for him as well as given from the down rider fund, but that is not really enough. I would like us all to pull together and support a run for him which is being planned for February 28th. Let’s all show our support for a down brother.

Not only that but brothers and sisters let’s pray for his speedy recovery and for both Doug and Tami. If anyone would like to help out please contact one of the VV officers, you can find our information on the website or Bob Gates (Sponge Bob) is usually down at his local watering hole the Chaparral Bar so if you run into him maybe pass a few dollars on to Bob and he will put into the fund for Doug.

This is one of the reasons why we are all involved in an MRO when times like this come about we all pull together. After our District Hams on Hawgs/Birds on Bikes/Meal on 2 Wheels Event held November 22nd several of us took a ride thru Cornville visiting Chad and Sara at Grasshopper Grille and we even got to meet the newest addition to their family.

Then we rode to Vintages Grill to talk to Kathy about re-signing as a Business Member and enjoyed a nice lunch on the patio. Imagine lunch on the patio in November! After lunch we rode over to the VFW in Cottonwood to show our support for all Veterans and listen to some live music by Happy Days.

Great ride with some great friends! Final note, Lizzy our new Activities Coordinator has some great ideas for some runs this year, I am looking forward to Lizzy and Loren’s assistance this year with MMA VVD and I think this husband and wife team will be a great asset to VVD.

Welcome aboard!