Mission Statement:

MMA is a Motorcycle Rights Organization (MRO) comprised of motorcyclists and motorcycle enthusiasts who are concerned with the future, safety and welfare of motorcycling.

MMA is a non-profit, educational organization whose members are dedicated to improving the social atmosphere, which surrounds motorcyclists, and protecting the individual freedoms of America’s citizens.



MMA Objectives:

Create an atmosphere of camaraderie among individuals where motorcycling can be enjoyed in a free and responsible manner.

Educate individuals and organizations regarding issues and activities in the legislative and judicial branches of the government, at both State and Federal levels.

Encourage an interest in and promote the protection of our nation’s Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Encourage and support involvement in the legislative process.

Educate automobile drivers and motorcycle pilots regarding motorcycle awareness and safety.

Promote a positive image for motorcycling by being pro-active in our individual communities.

Conduct fund-raising activities to support these objectives.