These pages are dedicated to the memory of brothers and sisters lost. Though they are gone from our day to day lives, they will never be forgotten. Their memory lives on in the hearts of their families, friends, and all the other people they touched during their time here with the rest of us. Wherever they may be now, we hope the roads are long and smooth, the sun is always shining, and the wind is always in their faces.

Steve “Muskrat” Musgrave

Born: May 22, 1951
Lost:August 9, 2015

 teri kelly

TeRi Kelly

Born: June 3, 1943

terry harding

Terry “Frog” Harding

Born: April 23, 1946
Lost: October 18, 2011

Frank Cissne

Frank Cissne

Born: August 14, 1945
Lost: June 11, 2011
BOD Member, Eagle District

gary lee brown

Gary Lee Brown

Born: July 27, 1955
Lost: March 11, 2010
The paper boy from hell, Iron Horse District

Mike Meyer

Mike “Biker Mike” Meyer

Born: July 20, 1963
Lost: July 19, 2009
Life Member, ADM and former Secretary Of the WestSiders District.

Joe Eggleston

Joe Eggleston

Born: 1946
Lost: August 5th, 2008
Co-founder of the MMA and an icon of motorcycle rights in Arizona.

Marty "Slyder" Dexter SRMC

Marty “Slyder” Dexter SRMC

Born: July 4th, 1959
Lost: Sept 15, 2007
MMA Board member and supporter

"Waldo" Paul Douglas Stuart

“Waldo” Paul Douglas Stuart

Born: October 1955
Lost: May 2007
MMA member and supporter

Loren Scott Leggett

Loren Scott Leggett

Born: August 10, 1964
Lost: December 11, 2006
MMA officer

"Biker Bill" Irvine

“Biker Bill” Irvine

Born: May 9, 1941
Lost: November 1, 2005
Sergeant at Arms of MMA Phoenix

 in memory of Leonette "Leo" Powers

Leonette “Leo” Powers

Born: August 7, 1962
Lost: November 14, 2004
Member of MMA Leather.

Barbara "Barbwire" Hatley

Barbara “Barbwire” Hatley

Born: February 24, 1947
Lost: March 25, 2004
Life Member & Former Officer of MMA Phoenix.

Randal Dean "Randy" Simmons

Randal Dean “Randy” Simmons

Born: April 15, 1947
Lost: February 12, 2004
Member & Assistant District Manager of MMA Phoenix.
Sergeant at Arms of MMA State.

William "Mule" Pierce

William “Mule” Pierce

Born: May 29, 1938
Lost: October 28, 2003
Member, Former Officer, & Former Board Member of MMA White Mountains

Bruce "The Toy" Harradence

Bruce “The Toy” Harradence

Born: May 27, 1959
Lost: July 3, 2003
Member of MMA Salt River.

"Diesel Dave" Dickinson

“Diesel Dave” Dickinson

Born: March 18, 1958
Lost: August 29, 2002
Member of MMA Phoenix.

 in memory of Jewell Russel

Jewell Russel

Born: October 15, 1946
Lost: January 13, 2002
Member of MMA Northern AZ

 in memory of Richard "Cowboy" Warren, Jr.

Richard “Cowboy” Warren, Jr.

Born: February 1, 1961
Lost: November 30, 2001
Business member of MMA Phoenix


“Big Jack” Thompson

Born: January 3, 1969
Lost: October 13, 2001
Member and Activities Officer of MMA Leather (aka Glendale). Former member of MMA Phoenix.

in memory of Luke Malone

Luke Malone

Born: February 21, 1951
Lost: March 21, 2001
Member & Former DM of MMA Glendale

in memory of Dennis Wirth

Dennis Wirth

Born: February 18, 1953
Lost: February 18, 2001
Business member of MMA Salt River.


Skip Thomas & Debbie Bass

Active members of Shadow Mountain ABATE and Phoenix District of MMA


Oil Can John