AMSAF Continues to help the Community be safer.

The people of Arizona need to hear your voice.

Why, you wonder?

During the past year, more than 129,750 of your friends, neighbors and fellow citizens were involved in crashes and needlessly died driving and riding on our roadways. As individuals and business professionals, we have got to come together to help reduce distracted driving and the number of untrained motorcyclists. People are dying and being maimed on our roads everyday. Every week. Every month. However together, we can address this situation and help facilitate meaningful change. That’s why your voice as a community leader is so important.

For a decade, Arizona Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Foundation (AMSAF) has been teaming up with corporations, small businesses, government and private citizens to address the staggering and senseless events on our thoroughfares everyday. Now, we want your important voice to be a part of the positive and exciting change that’s underway.


Can you imagine learning your loved one suffered multiple injuries in a crash with a distracted driver and was sent via emergency vehicle to a local hospital…that their injuries could be or are life-threatening…that their life may be changed forever?

AMSAF’s committed team encompasses many healthcare, insurance leaders and sponsors who understand all too well the incredible and very sad outcomes that result from distracted driving…they don’t want to see the human traffic they do as a result of this growing problem. Let’s work to change that.

The good news is that together, we can help change outcomes and enhance driver/rider safety.

Since its inception in 2011, AMSAF has grown as a community leader that communicates the distracted driving initiative and reaches out to the public at-large. That’s what leaders do.


AMSAF and its partners, which encompass healthcare, insurance, legal, police departments, corporations and the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (AZGOHS), are working to provide the financial resources for discounted scholarships and to enhance education and awareness so drivers reduce distractions when they commute. These issues are critical because that driver or rider is someone with a family and life-long opportunities. That person could be one of your loved ones, so we are all in this together.



Forty percent of the motorcycle riders on Arizona roadways are untrained. And that’s just dangerous.

As one of our first programs, AMSAF created discounted scholarships for motorcycle riders. It became the largest single program we provide to promote motorcycle safety and awareness and to help reduce motorcycle crashes and fatalities. This special program allows anyone in the state of Arizona to apply for, and receive, motorcycle training. The only cost is a $100 non-refundable co-pay. This training educates new and current riders through hands-on education, awareness and scholarships.

To date, more than 5000 people have taken steps to become safer riders and received their endorsement through the AMSAF scholarship process. But scholarships aren’t the only thing our team does well.


While Arizona does not require that any rider wear a helmet, healthcare professionals will tell you helmets save lives. To encourage riders to protect themselves when out on the road, AMSAF helped create a special helmet program with a number of helmet dealers, great community partners. The one-of-a-kind helmet program helps individuals garner a quality DOT helmet with some financial assistance from AMSAF and a discount from the authorized dealers. The novel program has helped more than 1,000 individuals purchase a good full-face or modular DOT helmet at a reduced cost. And, helmet dealers like being part of giving back.


Our team also often partners with local Arizona police departments in an effort to encourage safety when driving or riding. We share law enforcement’s perspectives with the public as well. We also participate with Arizona in DUI kickoffs, Public Safety Days and community Police Public Safety Days. Because after all, the blue line are the eyes and ears on the road.


Our team is actively involved in promoting the need for drivers to be more aware of their surroundings and to look for motorcycles and other vehicles as they commute. We do this through public safety outreach and community grassroots efforts including overhead sign messages, billboards, Tuesday safety tips, and social media, among other platforms. However, we want you to join us in developing new and better ways to achieve these goals.


Share the Road

Every year, we put on a show with a theme Share the Road & Riding for the Long Haul fund-raiser that brings out the crowds. However, while we make this amazing auction and dinner a special experience for all, your ideas and participation will make this annual event better than ever. Strap on your seatbelt or helmet and enjoy the ride. Join us as a participant, sponsor or both on May 7, 2022.


It’s all about people, community and saving lives. As a leader, we encourage you to join AMSAF and other Arizona businesses and critical thinkers in working to diminish distracted driving. We know your insight and ideas will assist in driving the outreach forward. Ride It Forward – Arizona Motorcycle Safety & Awareness Foundation (




AMSAF Executive Director
Mick Degn
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