AMSAF Executive Director
Mick Degn
[email protected]

AMSAF Continues to grow and helping the Community

First of all, THANK YOU.

Thank you for supporting AMSAF and everything you do to help the community in the reduction of crashes and fatalities.

I struggled on what to write for this article and then I thought about the AMSAF Retreat we just finished.

Each year we do a working Retreat with all of our Board members to talk about our success and areas we can expand to help the community further.

What have we learned, what went well and what areas can we improve on?

I have to first say we wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for the past and present Board members. They give so much of their time to help AMSAF and you so that we can promote safety and awareness and at the same time reduce crashes and fatalities here in Arizona.

This coming year AMSAF will have been in business as a nonprofit Charity Foundation for ten (10) years. In that time we’ve developed a strong Strategic Plan that is the backbone of our business.

It involves Events, Fundraising, Recognition/Awards, Marketing and Leadership Development. Each of the committee’s meet on a monthly basis and each committee has grown and helped AMSAF grow since the beginning. We’ve grown as a business because we’ve treated it as a business in so many ways.

We’ve helped over 4000 individuals in Arizona get into Motorcycle training and get into a good DOT full face or modular helmet through our financial Helmet assistance program.

Our goal is to help these individuals and families so they can afford to get the training they need and have safe riding gear. From a survey standpoint we hear from many of you that you want to go to a class or get a good helmet but just can’t afford it.

That’s where AMSAF comes into play and our goal is to help as many of you as we can.

We’ve work close with the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety to get Grants so we can help you. We couldn’t do a lot of this if it wasn’t for these Grants. We also get Grants, donations and sponsorship from many other organizations and we appreciate everything we get to help the community.

I started this article out in saying Thank you.

I want to end the article on saying THANK YOU again for all the support the community has given us and especially the AMSAF Board members who give so much to help the community and get involved.

It’s a different year with the Virus and it has affected so many individuals, families and businesses.

Our hearts and prayers go out to each of you and as we approach the Holiday Season, we want to wish you a Happy and Safe Holiday Season

Stay Safe and Healthy