AMSAF Executive Director
Mick Degn
[email protected]

AMSAF Continues to help the Community be safer
It’s been a difficult time for everyone with the virus. Individuals and family’s out of work, staying at home, and in some cases, we’re seeing some folks in the hospitals.


We want to thank all the Essential Workers.

Thank you doesn’t seem enough for everything they do.

AMSAF has continued to stay busy.

Our Helmet assistance program is growing and we want to thank the dealers that have signed up for this program. Along with the AMSAF Financial Assistance program, these dealers are discounting your helmet by 25% off of MSRP.

They want to help save you money. A huge thank you to these dealers.

The motorcycle training Scholarship program has continued and we’re helping to get a number of folks into schools. There are six (6) MSF/MVD Certified schools in Arizona. Check them out on price and location to you. What’s the best fit for you?

In both cases, our goal is to help save the motorcycle community money on a full face or modular helmet and on motorcycle training. We believe in both cases we help promote safety and awareness and reduce crashes and fatalities.

May is Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month.

Here are just a few things we’re doing for this month and continue to do all year long.

• We will have billboards up that say “Help reduce Distracted Driving”

• Weekly Facebook safety tips

• Press Releases on Motorcycle Safety

• Motorcycle Training Scholarships for the month of May

• Helmet Financial Assistance program to help you get close to 50% off of DOT Full face or Modular Helmet

• Don’t forget about our “Share the Road & Riding for the Long Haul “event scheduled for October 17, 2020.

We want to thank the individuals who have responded to our surveys and for your separate emails or letters thanking us for what we do.

As a nonprofit a thank you is very much appreciated. Again our goal is to help save you money and helps you be safer and more aware when riding.

I also want to thank the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety for their Grants to help us.

We couldn’t do what we do without their financial support and support of our other partners and donors who help us to make it happen.

Please be safe and stay healthy. We care and are here to help you.