AMSAF Executive Director
Mick Degn
[email protected]

AMSAF Motorcycle Training Scholarship and Helmet Financial Assistance

The first Monday of each month the AMSAF Motorcycle Training Scholarship opens up and continues to open up each month on the first Monday at 8:00 am if we have money available.

Check out the website at

if we have money available you will be able to get into the site. If we don’t have money available you won’t be able to go into it.

The AMSAF Program saves you close to 50% of the original cost.

All schools are MSF/MVD certified and are good but are at different prices.

Check out which is best for you.

The helmet program continues to help many folks in Arizona and will save you close to 50% off of MSRP.

Between AMSAF credit and the authorized dealer’s 25% off MSRP you can get a great deal on a DOT full face or modular helmet.

A huge THANK YOU to the below dealers for financially helping you.

The dealers are:
• Desert Wind H-D
• Buddy Stubbs H-D
• Cycle Gear
• RideNow
• The Helmet Center

Next year AMSAF will have been in business for 10 years and in that time we’ve helped over 3000 individuals and families in Arizona.

Our Mission from the beginning has been to promote safety and awareness and help reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities.

We’ve made a difference in that time.

We continue to be involved with the State, Healthcare Community,

Legal and many organizations and businesses in Arizona who want to help us.

We continue working to get involved with the Insurance Company’s.

TOGETHER we can make a difference.

Are you a business or individual who wants to be involved with us and help the Community? If you are send me an email at [email protected]

Each year we’ve grown and we couldn’t have done it without the support and help of our Executive and Advisory Board.

Check out our Board members on our website under “About us”. We’re very proud of this group. In addition we have had so many wonderful Sponsors, partners that have stepped up to help us and are involved in the community to a great extent.

Each year we put on a great event to promote our Mission and although the Virus has affected events this year, we’ve move our event to May 1, 2021. This event brings all the key individuals and business’s together to help reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities.

Check this event out at it’s called “Share the Road & Riding for the Long Haul”. This year our focus is more on Share the Road and helping to Reduce Distracted Driving. We still have some tickets available for this event if interested. Going to be a great time with a lot of raffles, music, guest speaker and some great food.

As in any organization and as you continue to grow you look for individuals who can help it grow and bring their talent to your organization. At this time we’re looking for some talented individuals who want to be part of this organization.

Below is a job description for Advisory Board Position that we have open. If interested please send your resume to Mick at [email protected] and we’ll send you an application.

Advisory Board: A key to building a secure organization is having an independent advisory board of community leaders, motorcycle Safety enthusiasts and other interested people.

Advisory board members are active volunteers and should reflect diversified representation from various cultures, socioeconomic groups, and urban and rural settings.

• Advisory board members take responsibility for specific tasks while attending meetings and provide input and feedback. All members are expected to carry out a specific function independently. An advisory member’s focus should be helping the board of directors with certain responsibilities, not replacing it. Both boards should work in a team effort with the organization’s best interests in mind.

• Advisory board members attend regular board and committee meetings each year to share information, discuss ideas and make decisions. Once a structure is in place, the board can distribute its governing functions and responsibilities equally among its members to maximize its effectiveness through committee setting. Advisory board members join an organization for a limited amount of time and pledge their personal, professional and financial resources to help assist in their mission.

Advisory board member duties and responsibilities are assigned at the discretion of the board of directors. Each Advisory Board member is required to commit to being on one of the Strategic Plan Committee’s.

Some responsibilities typically assigned to an advisory board member include:

• Help in the growth of the business strategies.
• Planning, fund-raising and community relations.
• Create programs and policies.
• Promotional Ideas and public awareness.
• Develop subcommittees.
• Attend meetings.
• Contribute input and feedback.
• Organizational development.
• Strategic plan process and decision help achieve Strategic Goals of AMSAF
• This is a Volunteer Position

I want to thank everyone for the support of AMSAF and you have our promise to continue helping the community reduce crashes, injuries and fatalities.

We’ve been able to accomplish so much in the 10 years and we couldn’t have done it without the support of the community.

TOGETHER we can make a difference.