AMSAF’s Mission is to promote motorcycle safety and awareness and help reduce crashes and fatalities in Arizona. In doing that we offer a motorcycle training financial assistance scholarship program in Arizona. This program allows individuals to get into motorcycle training at a reduced cost.  In addition, we offer safety tips on our Facebook page and now we would like to help the motorcycle community in another way financially.

 Arizona is a State where you have a choice if you want to wear a helmet or not. AMSAF would like to help those that wear a helmet or will be wearing one by creating a financial assistance program to help get you into a good full face DOT Helmet. In doing that AMSAF has collaborated with RideNow Powersports to develop a Pilot Program.

Helmet Program: AMSAF has collaborated with RideNow Powersports to put together a Pilot program to help you get into a good full face DOT Helmet with some financial assistance from AMSAF and discount from RideNow.

Download the helmet program flyer here

We believe this program will afford you the opportunity to purchase a good full face DOT Street helmet at a reduced cost. The applicant is required to have a motorcycle (M) endorsement, fill out an application and donate $50.00 to AMSAF which is tax deductible.

If funds are not available you will not be able to get into application process as it will be closed. If AMSAF has funds available, you will receive a receipt with a promo code that you can take to one of multiple specified RideNow locations and this letter will give you credit for $125.00 off the Helmet.

In addition, we have been able to work with RideNow and they have agreed to give an additional 25% discount off all full face street helmets valued at $200.00 MSRP or higher helmet. This promo code is only good for specific helmets defined in program.

These programs are only made possible due to Grants, Sponsors, donations and our partners who want to help reduce crashes and fatalities in Arizona. TOGETHER we can make a difference.

Helmet Assistance Application Starts September 2 2019

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