Lobbyist Report – December 2020 – Rick LeBrun

With my new role as Designated Lobbyist for MMA, trying to get a handle on all the initiatives in play.

Mike from Abate is working on a number of issues including:

• Lane filtering
• Motorcycle safety fund
• Vehicle load coverings
• Following too close violations
• Right of Way violations
• Contributory negligence changes

Sky Pilot, Buddah and I have met several times to discuss the initiatives and discuss how we can partner with the SMROs to be effective.

My hope is that the SMROs can work together and utilize our gifts to accomplish the important initiatives that impact the motorcycle world.

In addition to the above initiatives, we talked about the importance of profiling.

As a patch holder of an MC, and my involvement in the confederation, my passion is to see that we get profiling on the table.

Double D from Washington will be at the confederation meeting in January to discuss profiling. Looking forward to hearing what he has to say.

His book “Black Thursday” is a story about the transformation of the motorcycle club community in Washington state and the power of motorcyclists as a grassroots political movement.

Black Thursday coincides with the beginning of Washington’s legislative session and provides a unique opportunity for motorcyclists to meet with their legislators.

A story about unification of motorcycle clubs in Washington State in recognition that our mutual survival depends on standing together to capture our rights base.

Part one tells the story of how the motorcycle rights movement in Washington State unified and mobilized into a successful constituency capable of social change and political success. Specifically explores the movements efforts to obtain legislative relief in the form of legislation condemning and preventing motorcycle profiling.

Part two focuses on the broader issues facing the motorcycle club community of how motorcycle clubs can survive another half century. What traditions need to be preserved and what elements of our community threaten our survival from the inside.

We will be meeting with Mike from Abate to discuss planning for Day at the Dome and a game plan for working together on the various initiatives.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Looking forward to 2021 and get 2020 behind us.

Stay safe.

Rick LeBrun
MMA Designated Lobbyist