Lobbyist Report – December 2022 – Nathan

Legislative priorities for the year (below) are aligned tightly with MRF & ABATE for a unified AZ CMC approach.

We will begin work on these as soon as possible when the new legislative session begins.

Draft bills are already written in some cases.

– Improve Crash scene management and the practice of law enforcement issuing citations at the scene of a motorcycle crash involving careless and reckless drivers.

– Escalated penalties for careless and reckless drivers

– Require Autonomous vehicles to provide safety data specific to motorcycles

– Infrastructure planning equity – road maintenance that take motorcycle rider safety, visibility, and traction into account.

– Freedom to choose riding gear, including Hi Viz gear

– Limit Ethanol at the pump

As always, profiling is top of mind.

If you or anyone you know experiences profiling, have them contact myself or another one of the legislative team.

The Profiling Project Survey is available here. If you have not taken it yet this year, please do.


Nathan “Kraken” Deily
Libertarians MC
National Treasurer
Designated Lobbyist #3613266 – Arizona Modified Motorcycle Association