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MC Endorsement

Do You Have An ‘M’ Endorsement?

No? Check this out!

Do you ride a motorcycle?

If you don’t have an ‘M’ license or endorsement, your motorcycle can be towed and held.

If you get into an accident, you can be charged with a class 4 or 5 felony.

I have explained more about this below and describe how you can keep this from happening to you.

If a motorcycle rider is stopped for any reason and does not have a valid motorcycle endorsement, their vehicle will most likely be towed.

Of course, law enforcement officers can use their own discretion to allow the rider to call someone to come get the motorcycle for them.

Are you willing to take that chance?

The statute does state that if a spouse is present at the time of the stop, has a valid license, is not intoxicated, and the vehicle has the proper insurance, they can drive the vehicle away.

However, the officer has to believe that it is a spouse.

If you are stopped, do not have a valid ‘M’ endorsement, and your motorcycle is towed, it will have a mandatory 30-day hold on it.

You will have to acquire an ‘M’ license or endorsement, and attend a 3511 Hearing to remove the hold and show proof of your endorsement.

Another detrimental effect of not having an ‘M’ endorsement is violating two Arizona statutes.

These involve felony crashes. If you should happen to do something while riding that causes a crash and results in another party, or possibly your passenger obtaining Serious Physical Injuries or Death, you can be charged with a Class 4 or 5 Felony.

You can be charged with a Class 3 Felony if you are found to be ‘under the influence’ when this occurs.

* The following are the Arizona statutes referred to above

ARS28-3511, ARS28-675, ARS28-676

The following are Right Of Way Violations referred to in the felony crash statutes.

Running a Red light

Moving from within your lane when not safe (could include illegal lane-splitting),

Merging onto a freeway/interstate from a ramp

Turning Left at an intersection

Pulling out from anywhere, where cross traffic does not have to stop

To review these statutes yourself, do the following:

GOTO www.azleg.gov

CLICK on Legislative Council drop down

SELECT Arizona Revised Statutes

CLICK on Title 28 – Transportation

GOTO  28-675, 28-676, 28-3511

There is a simple resolution.

So rather than put yourselves in either of these precarious positions, follow these simple steps.

Below is how you can get an ‘M’ Endorsement.

The Written test and Skills test will only cost you $7 apiece.

I have listed the MVD locations that provide these tests, below.

You can go to any of these locations from 8-4: 30 pm to take the Written test.

No appointment needed.

GOTO servicearizona.com

CLICK on the MVD Office Appointments button

CLICK on the purple Motorcycle Testing page link

CLICK on the Tests button

You can click on the link for the Motorcycle Operator Manual to prepare for the Written test.

Click on the Motorcycle Rider Test Instructions to review the actual course and skills exercises along with what will be required of you to perform the Skills test.

The Skills test is by appointment only. You will need to sign up for the Skills test online (hours available below).

GOTO servicearizona.com

CLICK on the MVD Office Appointments button

CLICK on the Road Test tab – fill out the form

Call  1-800-251-5866 to find the Motorcycle Testing Locations authorized to conduct motorcycle license testing activities.

MMA Designated Lobbyist

Bobbi Hartmann