Lobbyist Report – July 2020 – Bobbi

Following is an update on the two bills we were running this year HB2630 and HB2285.

HB2630: motorcycle safety fund
Sponsor: Reps Bolick, Biasiucci, Blackman, Nutt
The Director of the Department of Transportation is required to deposit $1 of each motorcycle registration fee collected in the Motorcycle Safety Fund through June 30, 2025. We were extending the Sunset Date from June 30, 2021, for four years.

* HB2630 – passed the House TRANS committee with 9 Yes, 0 No, and received a 60 Yes, 0 No vote on the House floor. It is currently in the Senate. It passed the Senate TRANS committee with 7 Yes, 1 No and was scheduled to be scheduled for Third Read in the Senate when the legislative session was shut down due to Covid-19.

We heard that the Senate was going back to work on Tuesday May 26th. I touched base with Senator Fann, the Senate President, to see if they intended to continue with Third Reads. Our bill was on the schedule for Third Read, but she was told by many of her colleagues that they were voting No on any non-Covid related bills. The Senate reconvened and went right to Sine Die. Session officially ended without a final Third Read.

,HB2285: motorcycle operation; passing vehicles

* HB2285 – This bill would have allowed lane filtering in Arizona. It was not heard this year.

I cannot even imagine the toll this Covid-19 has taken on Arizonians. I know it put my world into a tailspin. It was hard to think about so many people having to shut down their lively hoods, causing themselves and so many others to live without immediate income. Arizona was a thriving state, and I have all the confidence in the world, that it will somehow recover from this nightmare.

Be good to others and take care of yourselves as well!

Bobbi Hartmann
Modified Motorcycle Association of AZ
Designated Lobbyist