June 2018 – Skypilot


I was picked up at the airport in Pensacola, by one of my club brothers electric Joe.

He gave me a tour of the city on his way to his favorite place to eat, but we got there as they were closing, ( my plane was an hour late).

We continued on to Mobile in which I got a tour of while looking for the hotel.

Upon arrival, the first person I saw was Tiger Mike and friends.

Early the next morning there was supposed to be MDATD meeting but Mike from ABATE never showed.

Buddha and Bobbi and I had a meeting in which we concluded that we were down only 10 people at sign-in, from last year.

We had been told by people we had invited, that they did not come because of the teacher strike.

We also had 80 sign-in from the Capital itself.

We had a total of 19 proclamations.

The Mayor of Glendale, Cave Creek and a candidate running for mayor of Phoenix spoke along with many others.

Back to NCOM, the reunion of brothers who stand together to help each other.

The A.I.M. attorney conference covered the Freedom Of The Road and the use of the courts.

We were brought up-to-date of the tragedy and the injustice that is happening in WACO and the number of lives ruined by this event.

The WACO DA has found himself in hot water over allegations of cash for favors.

Information from his investigations was supposed to be handed over to the courts and was not. On top of everything, he lost his re-election bid.

October 2017 the first case was tried. They thought this was the strongest case to get a conviction, but the prosecutor failed to give over evidence, stating that the information was too dangerous for the public to know.

Some of that information undercut the prosecutor’s testimony.

In Feb 2018, 13 cases were dropped so that the DA would not have to testify.

They re-arrested 11 on rioting, and 3 of those on murder charges.

They have 3 years from May 2015 to re-indict.

The next part, RICO and its efforts on your organization, scares the daylights out of me.

If one of your members messes up twice within 10 years of each other, your whole group and all the hang a rounds can come under RICO even if none of the charges have ever been proven.

This means they can take away everything you own, including your bank accounts.

In order to be charged under RICO, you have to one, have officers and regular meetings (an enterprise), and two, have committed two crimes within 10 years.

They can freeze assets at the time of arrest because they are the fruits of the enterprise.

They can charge everyone in your club and MRO without proof.

They put the pressure on individuals to confess, in order for them to avoid RICO charges, of 20 years and/or $25,000 per count.

This would include the forfeiture of everything they own, prior to a guilty verdict.

Remember to always fill out police conduct report after every stop.

This goes into law enforcement officers permanent file.

Opening ceremonies started with a beautiful song of the National Anthem.

This was sung by one of the Board Members Sandra, followed by a prayer and moment of silence.

Opening comments were made by Animal, an NCOM board member for 19 years, and chairman of Alabama COC.

He said if he is not on the government watch list someone is not doing their job.

This was followed by orientation and goals of the convention by Doc Reichenbach chairman of NCOM.

There was a welcome proclamation from the Mobile commission of tourist along with a video.

Did you know that Mobile was the original Mardi Gras and that all places that put on one must get a license from there?

Doc reminded everybody that MRO’S work for everyone that rides.

The number of riders in a lot of states presents a large voting block.

One million in Florida, 800,000 in California, and over 200,000 in Arizona. We need unity among all riders.

You do not have to break bread together or even like each other, but we need to stand together.

Remember that the ‘The Price of Liberty is Eternal Vigilance.’

What Successful People Do, put on by Slider Gilmore, was cut from a 2-hour presentation to 50 minutes.

This did not do it justice.

The definition of servitude fits right into the 13th Amendment abolished as bikers we are involuntary servicing the state whenever we are threatened with arrest, incarceration and fined for not wearing a hat.

A Mock Legislative Committee hearing was held.

A new booklet was distributed, wrote by own Bobbi Hartmann good job Bobbi.

For the Veterans, there is a new program out to help you make it through all the paperwork, called Veterans Treatment Corps.

The Regional meeting with Regions 1, 3, and 9 started with California talking about profiling that started in 1942, with the profiling of those who wore Zoot suits.

Now it’s the brother with the vest. The California COC’S hold a conference call between them, every Monday at 7:00 pm.

In the Regional Profiling Act of 2015 everyone was included, but bikers. Big conferences were held all over the state in which discussions were held about profiling.

Spike went to the Dept of Justice where one meeting was held.

He was blown away by the different groups that were there, and how organized they were with the help of the ACLU.

They were all working together with lunch boxes and all.

He arrived at the conference with 1 patch holder, 1 prospect, 22 police cars and two helicopters in tow.

Did he ask the group how much did that cost the taxpayers?

The Vice-Chair of the discussion was the chief of Police from the City Of Gardenia, who got a lot of shit from the crowd because of what the cops were doing.

They were dragging kids out of their homes over the dead bodies of their parents, instead of taking them out the back way.

The people of different ethnic backgrounds have recourse to take, but we don’t! There is a complaint department, where you are supposed to be able to fill out a complaint form anonymously, but that is not the way it happens.

This action has been recorded. The police said that they could not take complaints from anyone.

In Nevada, a documentary is being made for National Viewing, by individuals, lawyers,  judges, motorcycle ministries, riding groups and one percent clubs, which will provide our side of the story.

Go see Stephan P Stubbs video called Stop Profiling.

Oregon’s Biker PAC talks about autonomous vehicles.

They have been told that autonomous vehicles and motorcycles cannot cohabitate together on the road.

One of them has to go, and we know which one that will be.

They were told at their Capital that motorcycles can ride on the track.

We know that motorcycling is not a lifestyle it’s a way of life.

The state of Washington is doing a five-year helmet study in which they will have a choice on helmet use They are also working on lane splitting.

South Dakota cans their harassment gang bill.

Arizona talks about the Uber accident in Tempe, where the driver overrides the cars own safety system before the bicycle was hit.

If it was doing its job, the accident would not have happened. Bobbi talked about another bill, and I talked about our MAP program.

Utah is working on profiling and handlebar heights.

New Mexico got all 33 counties to provide motorcycle safety and awareness proclamations.

At You and Our Constitutions, by Jesse McDugald, a picture of the Founding Fathers of NCOM was shown, along with some very good handouts.

Just because it is the constitution doesn’t mean that people are going to follow it.

The last sentence on page 39 says, “And for the support of this Declaration with a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor”.

Every vet, especially combat Vets understand this.

Two words explain it, Simply If.

If a word was capitalized, it was important to those who wrote the constitution.

They were afraid of the army, more than the armed individuals.

There were 13 states, but they were considered separate countries.

It was like herding cats to get everyone on the same page.

They had a convention to draw up the paperwork.

Rhode Island and North Carolina held out on the signing until the Bill Of Rights was written.

One question asked was, “How did West Virginia become a state if Article 4 Section 3 states that no new states shall be formed or created within their jurisdiction?”

The answer was that Virginia succeeded from the US during the Civil War.

Under the Fourth Amendment, if you are pulled over, a good response to the request to search your vehicle or saddlebags is to ask for a search warrant or to request that they let you go.

The last phrase in the Fifth Amendment is, “Without Due Process.” It took 74003 days to ratify the 27th Amendment.

Article 1 Section 4 of the Bill of Rights, states that in an elector, in all cases except treason, felony or a breach of the peace, be privileged from arrest on the day of the election, during their attendance at the polls for voting and going to and returning from there.

On Sunday morning on the way back to Pensacola Electric Joe took me by the USS Alabama, where a B-51 was on display next to a B-52.

The B-52 made the B-51 look like a toy. I bet that at least 10 B-51’s would go inside the B-52.

Flying is always an adventure.

You never know what is going to happen.

They had me at the wrong gate in Huston, and I just barely made it to the right gate.

Next years convention is in Orlando across from Universal Studios.

It would be a good one for the family.

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