Lobbyist Report – March 2023 – Nathan

As your lobbyist, I have contacted all 60 AZ House members to ask for their support for Kong’s Law – below please find the talking points used.

Working on booking follow-up appointments with those who respond, right now, one with Rep Terech of LD4 is planned for the end of the month.

I will approach the Senate when a companion bill emerges.

Day at the Dome is planned for early March (Saturday, 3/4) – as soon as we have details, we will publish those.

I plan on attending NCOM this year in Tempe and will produce an update on that as the event progresses.

Collaboration with CMC, ABATE, MRF and Mountain Motorcycle Association is progressing well.

It’s my pleasure to introduce myself – Nathan Deily, Registered Lobbyist for the Modified Motorcycle Association of Arizona.

I represent approximately 300 motorcyclists and registered voters in 107 zip codes across Arizona, all of whom are passionate about protecting their rights and freedoms to enjoy the open road in our beautiful state.

We are also members of and participate in the Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs, which has representatives from dozens of organizations across the state, and coordinate our lobbying efforts with ABATE of Arizona, the Motorcycle Riders Foundation and the Mountain Motorcycle Association.

As this year’s legislative session develops, I want to bring a bill to your attention that is special to our membership and stakeholders – “Kong’s Law” HB2419. As you may know, it provides for increased penalties, fines, required education and criminal charges for drivers responsible for accidents causing the death or serious injury of a motorcyclist, bicyclist or pedestrian.

As the victim of a crash in Tucson caused by the driver of a car who failed to yield on a major street, I can speak first hand about the challenges involved in recovering my health, restitution for the damage of my property and accountability for the motorist who caused me that loss and injury due to their negligence.

It’s a story that is repeated all too often in our state, as many drivers who are responsible for causing crashes face very minor consequences when a motorcyclist is injured or killed.

This bill is an excellent example of commonsense legislation amenable to bipartisan support which will promote improved safety for motorcyclists and vigilance for drivers.

I am happy to discuss the merits of the bill with you at your convenience, and will be encouraging all our members and stakeholders to contact yourself and your colleagues to make their voice heard in support.


Nathan “Kraken” Deily
Libertarians MC
National Treasurer
Designated Lobbyist #3613266 – Arizona Modified Motorcycle Association