Lobbyist Report – November 2018 – Bobbie

Wow, where did the time go?

It’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

Actually, it will be over by the time you read this.

With state elections wrapped up, everyone is getting ready to take their place in the upcoming legislature.

There were a lot of good races won.

One of the wins for the motorcycle lobby included my very own Senator Karen Fann. Senator Fann, as a Representative for many years always did her best to support, and many times sponsor our motorcycle legislation.

She became a Senator two years ago and this year she will be taking the position of the Senate President this next legislative session.

That is a good thing, especially for the motorcycle lobby.

Speaking of the motorcycle lobby, the lobbyists from the MMA, ABATE and ACMC are gearing up for the 2019 session.

I will be able to be more specific on what we are running after the session starts.

We are looking to re-introduce our ‘motorcycle profiling memorial’, along with a few other items that are in the works.

One thing it’s never too early to talk about is Motorcycle Day At The Dome! It will be held at the State Capitol, 1700 W. Washington, on Tuesday, February 19th, 2019.

The purpose of the Motorcycle Day at the Dome (MDATD) is to meet, greet and converse with your State District Legislators and discuss various issues facing Motorcyclists today.

This event is sponsored by MMA and ABATE of Arizona, and the Arizona Confederation of Motorcycle Clubs (ACMC). Please mark your calendars

Everyone is welcome.

A barricaded area is reserved for bike parking only on 17th Ave between Washington and Jefferson, the full length of the Capitol grounds itself.

Your lobbyists cannot do this alone and we are asking for your help to make this year’s event greater than ever.

We are asking that each of you invite as many people as you can to participate in this important event.

We need to show the legislators how we are involved in our communities and that we do a lot more than just ride motorcycles.

There will be announcements and more specifics, as the date gets closer. We will be encouraging all of you to contact your legislators, set up meetings with them and personally invite them to MDATD for lunch. You will be provided with the information needed to do just that.

Bobbi Hartmann

MMA Legislative Researcher-Consultant (Lobbyist)