MMA Legislative Year End Update 2019

Your lobby team had a very busy 2019 session. We ran legislation of our own, worked with legislators and supported legislation of theirs, and held our annual Motorcycle Day At The Dome. Below is a list of our various accomplishments:

In 2019 we:

– Drafted, introduced, and passed an anti-profiling memorial

– Successful Motorcycle Day at the Dome event at the state capital

– Supported and testified on legislation to repeal a Vehicle License Tax imposed in earlier legislation.

– Supported successful legislation that further described autocycle differences for exclusion from class M applicability.

– Supported successful hands free legislation that addressed our 4th amendment concerns.

– Supported successful legislation that provided guidelines and control of protected dealer data systems by various parties.

– Conferred and advised on possible extending of hands free legislation to additional existing statutes.

– Obtained various proclamations proclaiming May as Motorcycle Safety and Awareness Month. Had a reading on the House Floor regarding the same.

– Successfully presented the Motorcycle Awareness Program in High Schools throughout Arizona.

There’s not much break between the end of a legislative session and when the lobby team starts working on items for the next one. MMA, ABATE and ACMC did a survey with a number of items to choose from, and asked that everyone rate their importance to them, on a scale of 1-10. Below are the top 9 results.

Legislative Survey Results:

1. Increased penalties for crashes involving motorcyclists, bicycles and pedestrians when red light running is involved 67.24%
2. Tougher penalties for distracted driving 62.50%
3. Road repairs and improvements 62.50%
4. Protect motorcyclists by having true tort reform to stop insurance inequality (Helmet Lie) 60.71%
5. Not using ANY gas tax to be used except for its intended purpose. I.e. Road improvements and repairs 58.93%
6. Higher penalties for tailgating a motorcycle and for pulling into a lane already occupied by a motorcycle. 56.90%
7. Pass legislation protecting motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians against autonomous vehicles 57.14%
8. Continued changes to the infrastructure to recognize motorcycles in turn lanes and at stop lights 53.57%
9. Lane Splitting/Lane Filtering 50%

Our 2020 agenda so far:

– Moving forward the Motorcycle Safety Fund Sunset Date
– Working on language and intro of lane filtering legislation.
– Working with courts so that ticketed riders are able to attend a motorcycle safety course rather than a driver’s class.
– Working with a Senator regarding infrastructure and assuring gas tax is used according to designation.

Bobbi Hartmann
MMA of AZ Authorized Lobbyist
[email protected]

MMA of AZ Designated Lobbyist
[email protected]