Motorcycle Awareness Program December 2019

By Bobbi Hartmann


Following are some of the student comments from our evaluation sheets that we collect from each of the students at the end of the MAP presentation. Their comments are not only interesting, but informative as well. They continually let us know that they are hearing our message. Their words let us know that we are on the right track with our presentations.


We mostly attend to High Schools, in order to present to the upcoming drivers, but have presented in businesses as well. Various versions of what we refer to as our Motorcycle Awareness Program (MAP), are taught throughout the states. MRO’s across the country have found this type of program to be very beneficial and rewarding.


11/19/19 – Desert Sage School – Deer Valley– Skypilot, Bobbi, Buddha

Teacher Comment:

Excellent presentation! Very informative!

Students Comments:  

  – In this presentation I enjoyed learning about motorcycle safety. I learned a lot about how I should react to motorcyclists on the road when I see them and how to treat one. I learned how to avoid an accident.

–  They had detailed explanations and good information coming from a firsthand account of real bikers. Including the stories of other biker accidents was interesting as well.

 – I really liked all of the information that we received today through your presentation. I liked that the presentation went over as much as possible as well as making it simple and easy to understand..

– It was very descriptive, entertaining, and fun. The speakers had first hand knowledge on the subject, which made it more credible than some presentations.

– I learned many motorcycle/vehicle accidents happen when a car turns left in front of them. I liked the way they explained different ways to help prevent those types of accidents. I learned why they ride in different parts of their lane and how they are always looking to see or be seen better.

– I liked learning about how motorcyclists see things from their perspective. Learning what to do around motorcycles and how to treat them with respect. The video showed good representation.

– It really helped to give drivers a good perspective on what motorcyclists will do in certain situations. They had good personality and were fun to listen to. They delivered very detailed information.

– I loved how descriptive they were when explaining all of the things that they search for when driving. The three of them together made the slide show entertaining.

 – I learned that very rarely is there a motorcycle, motorcycle crash and that it is usually a crash between motorcycle and vehicle. I liked how they gave examples of different bikes and how leather is a proven protective material.

– I liked the information. It was presented well and by friendly and engaging bikers. They gave us good insight into a motorcyclist head and why they do some of the things they do. I liked what they advocate for.

 – There was a lot of great information. They made it understandable. They helped us understand why looking left, right, and left again is so important. The slides were good.

 – I enjoyed the information given. It will be information I definitely will not forget. Overall the presenters were nice and helpful and I learned a lot of important stuff.

 – I liked the videos that were shown and how to treat motorcyclists when you see them on the road and why. All the facts from real bikers helped to understand. I liked the jokes.

 – The presentation was interesting and showed how much more danger that riders are in than a normal vehicle driver. I would have never thought about those things.

 – It was extremely knowledgeable with great information and very interesting. I got to lean about different types of bikes and manufacturers.

 – I liked seeing the different types of motorcycles and the information about their gear. I learned how east it is to hit a motorcycle because we do not see them because they are smaller and narrower than cars.

 – I liked the video, it really showed us what could actually happen out there on the road. The discussion on why we should always use our directionals was very informative and made good sense.. How to look 3 times back and forth also made much more sense.