MAP Report – 12/08/18

Following are some of the student comments from our evaluation sheets that we collect from each of the students at the end of the MAP presentation.

Their comments are not only interesting but informative as well. They continually let us know that they are hearing our message. Their words let us know that we are on the right track with our presentations.


11/6/18 – Desert Sage School – Deer Valley – Bruce, Buddha, Wendel and Pastor Gene

Teacher Comment:

Excellent presentation about motorcycle safety!

Students Comments:  

– I like how they interact with the students, constantly keeping the students busy. Getting to know what they were talking about from first-hand experience.

– I liked how informed the speakers were and the amount of information they provided. They really stressed the importance of paying attention to other drivers especially motorcyclists.

– I really liked learning about bikes. I’d like to have one someday in the near future. I liked the multiple-choice test that allowed for interaction and the bike demo and how each one works.

– They got right to the point. It was very interesting and kept us awake. I was not boring and I learned more about motorcycles. I enjoyed the interactive part, where we were able to see the bike and its controls.

– I liked that they talked about how motorcyclists are hard to see. They talked about how you are a lot more aware when you’re on a motorcycle. They also talked about how motorcycles are a lot different from cars and much more vulnerable.

– The presenters were very nice and friendly. They explained clearly the safety precautions and risks that may occur. I understand much more about motorcycles. I liked how we go to see them ride the motorcycles.

– I liked how they showed how far away you should be and how to be safe around them. They showed how to look around your surroundings to keep yourself and others safe.

– It was really informative. They showed what to watch for and explained the most common accident. They showed how a motorcycle works and how busy the rider is.

– I learned a lot from this presentation. It taught me a lot about being aware when we drive around motorcycles and also learned that motorcyclists can be hard to see.

– I learned to be very careful around motorcycles, as they are hard to see. It was interesting to see how difficult it is to ride and I learned how to steer a motorcycle is different and difficult from a car

– The presenter was animated and they really wanted to teach us. The presentation was put together with care, detail, and colors. There was a lot of interaction with the class.

– The presentation was well spoken and very informative. The speakers were entertaining and nice. It taught me a lot about safety around motorcycles.

– I liked learning about how motorcycles work and how they compare to cars and how we can keep everyone safe on the road. How to avoid crashes and what to do if a motorcycle is on the road.


11/26/18 – Desert Sage School – Deer Valley – Bruce

Teacher Comment:

Great presentation! I always appreciate this presentation.

Students Comments:  

– They explained everything very well this presentation means a lot to me that people learn this because my big brothers ride motorcycles and I’m always scared something will happen to them. It’s also important to me because my uncle got in an accident and was seriously hurt and in the hospital for a long time. Motorcycles are a big part of my life and I want everyone to be educated on them.

– It was not only interesting but also very informative. The presenters talked about how to be around a motorcycle and how to pay attention while doing so. Look left, look right, then look again. Never neglect safety for motorcycles.

– I liked that they gave me real videos and stories. The worksheet and presentation were great. I liked how they talked about the way bikers react to other vehicles or objects in the road.

– He was a great presenter and has lots of experience. I liked going over the quiz to see if we got it right. That helped a lot. I enjoyed the graphics and the video.

– There were lots of acts and I really liked all of the colors an effects on your slides. The activity worksheet answered questions that I didn’t even know. I learned that more times than not, drivers do not see motorcycles.

– The video demonstrated situations that actually occur when motorcycles ride and how they interact with the drivers. I like all the examples and rules to follow pertaining to motorcycles. I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before.

– I enjoyed how in depth it went with pictures and how they asked us questions because it kept us engaged. I appreciated the tips about driving around motorcycles. They will be useful and makes me want to be more alert.

– I liked the pictures that were in the videos. The fact that we got to go outside and talk about the bikes. I was well prepared and the presenter was very knowledgeable on the subject.

–  It was great for raising awareness about motorcycles on the road and informing us on how to interact with them safely. The presenter was funny and interactive and kept it interesting.


11/28/18 – Desert Sage School – Deer Valley – Bruce

Teacher Comment:

Great presentation once again! We appreciate you giving up your time to be here!

Students Comments:  

– The presentation was very interesting and I could tell that the presenter knew what he was talking about. I think that everyone who goes to get their license should have to see a presentation like this.

– I liked how they included stories that actually happened to show how real it actually is. I also liked how they used numbering and statistics.

– I liked the visualization, interactive activities and the instructor collectively bringing the knowledge of motorcycles to the class.

– I liked how it showed the injuries that could happen to motorcyclists because it really makes reality hit to be more careful. I liked how it told us the safe following distance and most common crashes and how to prevent them.

– I liked all the fonts and colors. They kept me hooked. The sound effects and graphics help get the message across. Ducktape knows the presentation forwards and backward and knows his stuff. He was very kind and was easy to understand and also go the class involved.

– It was interesting to hear about the problems for a motorcyclist. How they are super small and kind of blind to see. It was also interesting to hear personal experiences about driving a motorcycle and what could happen to one.

– I liked the personal stories and the power point was well put together. The speaker had a warm and kind feeling to him and a smile on his face. I also liked the demonstrations in the video as if the same situation happened while walking on the sidewalk.

– I liked how the presentation included pictures an videos. I also like how the presenter shared all the information and his personal stories.

– I liked the video. They were very informative. Also, it put it into a better perspective of driving and riders. I liked Ducktapes personal experiences that he shared.

– There was plenty of facts and imagery of motorcycle accidents. The presentation was entertaining and informative. The presenter had many personal stories that added a lot to the presentation.

– I loved how the speaker made things exciting and fun. The speaker made it clear that we need to look out for them. I thought it was nice how they gave us a key chain. The speaker made it interesting.

– I liked all of the different kind of bikes and how they are used. I also loved how much bicyclists have to do, just to get from one place to another.

– I liked how interactive the presenter was. There was a lot of information covered with pictures and examples. It was helpful and eye-opening. The message was delivered very well. I liked learning about what to look for when sharing the road with motorcyclists.

Bobbi Hartmann
Motorcycle Awareness Program
MMA State Coordinator