MAP Report – 07/18/18

Following are some of the student comments from our evaluation sheets that we collect from each of the students at the end of the MAP presentation.

Their comments are not only interesting but informative as well. They continually let us know that they are hearing our message. Their words let us know that we are on the right track with our presentations.

06/4/18 – Desert Sage School – Deer Valley – Skypilot, Bruce, Buddha, Wendel and Pastor Gene, Bob

Teacher Comment:

– Great information to prep students on motorcycle awareness!

Students Comments:  

– I learned a lot more about motorcycles and safety. I really thought it was interesting how hard it is to assume their speed and distance. This makes sense, however now I understand it better and can relate to this when on the road. I appreciate you guys coming to our class and thank you for teaching us about safety of motorcycles. I loved outside demo.

– I appreciate how much information you gave us. I didn’t realize how many motorcyclists there are or how big of a problem it is regarding crashes involving motorcycles. Thank you for being here to educate us.

– I liked how references were made to the manual. I also enjoyed learning about things I have wondered before like why motorcyclists use the gear they do. The statistics were also very interesting. Seeing the two motorcycles was my favorite part.

– The different aspects such as crashes, gear, and rules of the road were very informative. I liked how you all interacted with us students. It went at a good speed and the power point was appealing to the eye.

– I liked the personal stories as well as the slides which break up the rules is an effective way to present them. I also really liked the video, which showed good examples of incidents and told us how to prevent these types of incidents. The real life demo also showed how the motorcycles function is a simple way to inform us of what riders have to deal with compared to car drivers.

– I liked that the presentation included facts an several images that went along with the topic. I enjoyed the outside demo as well. I really liked the presenters introducing themselves and their road names. It helps them get down to a personal level with us. They were very interactive with us throughout the entire presentation.

– I liked that the presenters had the audience interact with them. It helped us learn better and made others pay attention more. I liked how the power point was color-coded. It helped me get the information into my head and I liked the things I learned.

– I liked how the presenters related to the presentation and cared. They were well informed and knew about the topics. The presentation had necessary, important, and interesting information.

– I thought the presentation was very intriguing because it discussed topics rarely mentioned before. It raised awareness for motorcyclist safety and I loved how interactive the presentation was, which made it very interesting. The use of personal stories of friends in crashes had an emotional impact on me. Certainly not forgettable.

– I liked that you had a lot of pictures and great power point to keep our attention. The part I enjoyed the most was when you focused on how small a motorcycle is compared to a car and how hard it is to see you. I had no idea. I liked being able to see the road from a motorcyclist point-of-view. It gave me a reality check on just how careful to be while driving.

– I liked how the presenters were confident about what was being talked about. I liked the information on using turn signals so the motorcyclists can see where we are going and possibly avoid a crash. They showed the real consequences of distracted drivers.


06/4/18 – afternoon – Desert Sage School – Deer Valley – Skypilot, Bruce, Buddha, Wendel and Pastor Gene, Bob

Teacher Comment:

Great interaction to prep our new drivers to handle and understand the challenges with sharing the road with other types of vehicles and motorcycles.

Students Comments:

– The presentation really helps to know all of these different things about being a better driver. It was very informative but not boring in any sense. The presenters helped spice it up and delivered the information in a fun way.  Also, the demonstration of counter steering was very neat.

– I liked how it felt very personal because it helped me to realize how important is to learn and understand every skill needed to keep both drivers and motorcyclists safe. The graphic pictures were eye-opening in a very effective way. It was effective listening to the real-life scenarios all of the motorcyclists knew about.

– I thought the photos of real collisions and takes on the dangers of driving a motorcycle was important to learn. I liked actually seeing him ride one because I had no idea about counter-steering. I wasn’t aware of how many moving skills motorcyclists had to learn.

– The presented with great clarity. Very prepared. Visually seeing what can happen as a result of a mistake instills all the more how important it is to be safe. The images of the collisions and their explanations make it easier to understand how to avoid those errors.

– I was simple to follow and a mix of info I knew and did not know. Some of it was a refresher, but with much more detail. I liked how important terms were bolded to stick out. I also like how important points were emphasized as to keep it locked in our memory. Especially when it came to looking 3 times for motorcycles.

– I liked how you showed the truth. It wasn’t oversimplified or anything. Also, you showed how owners of motorcycles are regular people too. I learned how you feel about riding and how to stay safe around you.

– I liked how you told your personal stories because it makes it more real and shows us how it can happen to anyone. I liked how the outside demo showed us how hard it is to tell how fast a motorcycle is going and how you look like you’re further away than you are. I liked how you kept us involved throughout.

– It was good to see the accidents and hear you tell how it affected the rider. I really like the real-life analogies that were offered in the video, such as using the sidewalk and walking to show rider and driver interacting on the pavement.

– The speakers were very genuine and open with their stories. It helped me to understand how attentive I need to be when looking for motorcyclists on the road. I liked the really straightforward way you explained the consequences of crashes and how we can avoid them. They were very welcoming and informative


06/25/18 – Desert Sage School – Deer Valley – Skypilot, Bruce, Buddha, Wendel and Pastor Gene, Bob

Teacher Comment:

Great presentation – kids learn a lot about car/motorcycle safety – Speakers excellent!

Students Comments:  

– They took the time out of their day to give us a better understanding of the dangers of being around motorcycles and how sometimes you can’t see them.

– The presenters seemed cool. Very informed and had an interesting way of presenting information. They provided a lot of evidence to prove their points. They seemed to know what they were talking about.

– I like how they used bolded words to emphasize certain points. I like the video. It’s very informative. It’s good to know the common accidents with motorcycles and what to be aware of when they are on the road. I also like learning about why they wear the gear they do.

– Quick paced but very informative. Good examples of which presenters have personally experienced which brings awareness. Students now know how to handle motorcycles in front of them and to stay away and not follow them too closely. We received valuable information on left-hand turns and how they affect motorcyclists. Very visual in presentation with words and cool noise transitions in the slideshow. Good usage of student participation

– I like how they talk about personal experiences with motorcycle accidents and talk about how their friends lost their lives in such accidents. It makes it hit home and more real when its personal. They detail the injuries people have sustained in motorcycle accidents.

– I liked that photographs, as well as examples, were used in the presentation because it goes to show how real the consequences of not paying attention and looking for motorcycles is.

– There was a lot of detailing and the visual power point was very helpful and had a lot of nice colors to highlight key points/words. There was a lot of real-life stories told with pictures to help get the message across (the graphics helped very much). The video was very informative and they related it to real life very well. The outside demo was very informative as well.

– Learning about the differences between aspects in a car compared to a motorcycle was eye-opening. Hearing about the different protection methods they use was interesting. It was not overly full; great fun, easy to understand and the presenter was cool!

– I liked how they showed and explained how to look for and share the road with motorcyclists. It seems that almost all crashes are caused by the car, even when motorcyclists have the right-of-way. Learning that a distraction is anything that takes the driver’s eyes off the road and what qualifies as a distraction. Most common is the failure to yield, left turn in front of a rider. These can be very deadly for them. Different collisions have different effects on the motorcyclists. A lot of the information was very helpful and I had not previously known about beforehand, even with motorcyclists within my own family.

– I learned about what the motorcyclists wear along with different types of bikes. At first, I didn’t know anything about them but now I know to look out for them on the road. I found that motorcyclists and their friends are like family. I also enjoyed how they presented.


06/25/18 afternoon – Desert Sage School – Deer Valley – Skypilot, Bruce, Buddha, Wendel and Pastor Gene, Bob

Teacher Comment:

Love having the motorcycle awareness presentation. It is always valuable info for new drivers.

Students Comments:  

– I feel it will make me a better driver around motorcycles. I really like the presentation. I liked how they told about all of the motorcycle gear and how they showed a video that was very informative. I learned a lot.

– Very interactive with class.. I liked the video and the presentation in general. The presenter explained motorcycle awareness very well and convincingly.

– I enjoyed to outside demo and learned some facts about motorcycles that I did not know before. The presenters were all very kind and friendly with a good sense of humor.

– My favorite part was the video and helpful information on sharing the road with motorcycles I liked the outside demo and that it talked about how motorcycles work in relation to the clutch, accelerator, brakes etc.

– I liked everything about this presentation. It made me aware or motorcycles and the dangers of not paying attention when you’re driving around them. It provided how important it is to check for bikers and taught me how vulnerable bikers are and how much more severe accidents can be for them.

– I especially like going outside and watching them ride in the demo. I liked the message which included interesting statistics. They mad me more aware of motorcyclists.

– I liked the physical presentation they gave us of how hard it is to determine the speed of a motorcycle and that we should be sure to make our turns when they are further away. It was very informative. I now know to look at least 3 times before making a move or turning left.

– I enjoyed learning exactly what we need to do to avoid accidents and I liked learning how bikers operate their motorcycles. I really liked the personal touches to the presentation and the video comparing drivers and riders to walking people.

Bobbi Hartmann
Motorcycle Awareness Program
MMA State Coordinator