Motorcycle Awareness Program March 2020

By Bobbi Hartmann


Following are some of the student comments from our evaluation sheets that we collect from each of the students at the end of the MAP presentation. Their comments are not only interesting, but informative as well.

They continually let us know that they are hearing our message. Their words let us know that we are on the right track with our presentations.

We mostly attend to High Schools, in order to present to the upcoming drivers, but have presented in businesses as well. Various versions of what we refer to as our Motorcycle Awareness Program (MAP), are taught throughout the states. MRO’s across the country have found this type of program to be very beneficial and rewarding.

02/11/20 – Desert Sage School – Deer Valley– Skypilot, Duct Tape, Stephen, Buddha
Teacher Comment:
Good information for teenage drivers in our classroom!
Students Comments:

– It included an ample amount of statistics that really opened my eyes to the dangers motorcyclists face. It shared real stories and pictures of events that have happened. They are very knowledgeable on the topic and explained it well.

– All had decades of experience along with personal or friend experiences. They had graphics that depict just how real it is and examples related to us. They had great insight into what makes up a motorcycle and were good at projecting their voice and making the presentation interactive. They reaffirmed their main ideas with a worksheet and explained why we should always use our turn signals.

– I like being able to see the actual motorcycle. It was helpful to watch the speed so we could thoroughly understand that speed and distance is harder to guess with motorcycles.

– They provided actual information and tips instead of just saying, “watch out for motorcycles”. They provided pictures and examples of what could happen and an outside demo to further illustrate their points.

– I liked that they had pictures and story’s to share, and the way they didn’t sugarcoat the risks of driving. They presented the dangers clearly.
I liked the outside presentation and learning how it works. Seeing how devastating crashes can be was an eye opener. I liked the graphic images they used to show us how serious this can be and make us want to be more aware.

– I liked how they showed pictures and had important key words in color and used bold; it made it very easy to read and interesting to follow.

– I enjoyed how they shared personal stories about things that happened to them because it shows how real these things are.

– I liked learning that no one actually has the right of way and to look twice and how easily motorcycles can be hidden in your blind spot. Also that our eyes tend to focus on larger vehicles rather than the motorcycle and that riders will ride in the center or left or right of the lane depending on many things.

– The thing I liked about the presentation was how they organized it and gave us information that was valuable to them and us. It was very informational and made me aware and made me remember to be more cautious. I liked the outside demo also.

– I like how the presenters showed examples of what accidents to motorcycles may look like. I liked the outside demo which explained what motorcyclists do when operating it.

– The presentation contained a very factual, clear progression of ideas. It’s sad how they bikers can’t do much to stop all of the accidents. This presentation is a good thing to help them get the message to drivers.

– They showed real accident pictures. They explained why they wore certain gear and were charismatic speakers. I liked the images in the presentation. It was very energetic and kept the class engaged.

– I liked the insight of the presenter and the information that they had to give. I appreciated the fact that they came to talk about things that would benefit me and others like them on the road.

– I liked how the presentation encouraged motorcycle awareness. I did not know much about motorcycles or seeing motorcycles, but now I will always make sure to look for them.

– I liked learning about the motorcycles and their drivers. The presenters had great personalities, making it a fun experience. The power point was interesting and contained good information.

– I liked the demo outside. They made everything I needed to know, very clear. Their key words were big and colorful in the presentation.