Motorcycle Awareness Program September 2019

By Bobbi Hartmann


Following are some of the student comments from our evaluation sheets that we collect from each of the students at the end of the MAP presentation.


Their comments are not only interesting, but informative as well. They continually let us know that they are hearing our message. Their words let us know that we are on the right track with our presentations.


06/12/19 – Desert Sage School – Deer Valley– Skypilot, Bobbi, Buddha, Knucklehead

Teacher Comment:

Great Info, Great Presentation! Thank you for presenting to my classes! It is always a pleasure having you present!

Students Comments:  

 – I learned a lot more about predicting motorcycles and how to look for them better on the road. Lots of examples to show what can happen when things aren’t done correctly.

  – I liked the dog in the sidecar. I like knowing more about how motorcyclists feel and learning how to avoid them more. I don’t want to take a life. I liked the videos to aid us in what to do around riders.

– I liked learning more things about motorcycles, because I didn’t really know a lot about them and it was fun learning about it. I also liked the different examples that were given because it showed a better perspective.

 – I liked learning about leather jackets and their qualities. Knowing what becomes dangerous for someone on a motorcycle. It was very good and informational. I’ll be sure to pass this info onto my family. Thank You!

 – I liked how detailed the presentation was in regards to the types of motorcycle collisions. I liked the text in the presentation it was nice and big an easy to read.

 – How they all explained motorcycles. Also how motorcyclists feel when they drive so we can get sympathy for them and be careful and watch out.

– I liked the worksheet and how interactive they were. It was amazing and very entertaining.

 – I enjoyed all the pictures and continuous repetition of important points. The presentation is well detailed and very informational.

I very much enjoyed their outfits. It helps to understand what’s best to do when driving around motorcyclists. I enjoy the video and its groovy background music.


06/12/19 – Desert Sage School – Deer Valley– Skypilot, Bobbi, Buddha, Knucklehead

Teacher Comment:

Valuable information and I always appreciate you coming in to present. Well organized. Good presentation.

Students Comments:  

– I thought this presentation was entertaining and informational. I learned things that I probably wouldn’t have thought about before. I will always check for motorcycles because they’re hard to see. I will also yield the right of way.

 – Reality. Shows how these crashes actually happen. Shows and tells you literally how to avoid things and their perspective. It explained why motorcycles drive a certain way (makes normal vehicle aware)

– I liked that they were detailed and were easy to understand. I also like the interactive worksheet. It made things easier to remember for me. Thank you for coming in to talk to us. I have learned a lot that I didn’t know.

 – I liked the depth of knowledge and their stories and personal experiences. The presentation was interesting and showed a lot of info I wouldn’t have already known so I learned some new things.

 – Riders have a lot of experience. It showed me how to specially accommodate motorcycles while on the road. My actions can result in a motorcyclists death, because they are less protected. I liked looking at the different bikes.

 – The emphasis that’s placed on why knowing how to drive with motorcycles on the road is important. Motorcyclists tend to be more exposed than people in automobiles. That’s why it’s important to be aware of them.

I liked the pictures that included your explanation and the story of what happened. Good scenario examples that we could see as drivers in the situation of an oncoming vehicle. I do like the quiz at the end of the period.

 – No one is allowed to take the right of way. Distraction is anything that takes your eyes off the road. It was very informative from everything to what they hear, to what they can’t see and how different accidents affect the people in them.

 – I liked how they knew what they were talking about from all the experience they had. Pictures, stories shown. I liked how passionate they were about everything they were talking about.

 – It taught me what motorcyclists can see and what they can’t see. It taught me to be more aware of them.


06/24/19 – Desert Sage School – Deer Valley– Skypilot, Buddha, Ductape

Teacher Comment:

Thank you! Great presentation. Valuable information. Thank you for bringing all the people you do.

Students Comments:  

  – You guys explained a lot of things I didn’t know. You explained and made your thoughts clear. You all were really friendly and I understood a lot more now and respect you guys.

– I liked that I got to learn more what to watch for on motorcycles. I also got to know how it is on a motorcycle in case I ever wanted to ride a bike down the road in my life.

– Everything!! It’s awesome to see super cool people with a great cause. This presentation makes you think twice about watching for motorcycles. It’s really nice to see cool people doing cool things but still educating and riding safely. I thought you were all super awesome and had great vibes and a great message.

 – I found the presentation informative and entertaining over all an I know that I will use what I learned from it.

 – Their way of presenting was great, and clear and concise. I learned some new things. Thank You! The demo was also awesome.

 – Everyone was friendly. Bruce was very informative and helped everyone understand what point he wanted to show when doing the worksheet. Every question an answer was explained thoroughly. There were pictures as well that got the point across. The whole presentation was very good.

 – I liked how you all were friendly and gave many facts about how to keep motorcycle riders safe on the road. I also liked learning about how you guys feel while on the road.

 – I’m glad you put info about types of motorcycles and gear. Bruce is a good presenter. Good voice inflection! The outside demo was cool! I like hearing the inspirational story about rehab after an accident.

 – The presentation was funny, relatable. There was good audience participation, lots of stories incorporated. You weren’t just reading off the slides. I liked the key chains.

They gave us the damage and injuries, the rules when you drive, the solutions to avoid the damaging, the reasons why the cars have an accident with motorcycles. They talked about different types of bikes and all the questions, answers were very important and helpful. I loved it and all the colors on the video.

 – It kept my attention very easily. It helped me gain a better perspective of the rider and what drivers should look for. Very informative and lots of statistics.


06/24/19 – Desert Sage School – Deer Valley– Skypilot, Buddha, Ductape, Bob

Teacher Comment:

Excellent presentation! Very informative for beginning student drivers.

Students Comments:  

 – I liked the quiz at the end. It helped cement the info in our brains. The presenter were friendly and the images of crashes really helped stress the importance of keeping a look out for motorcyclists. It was cool getting to see the motorcycles up close.

 – They viewed driving in a different way. For example: most people view driving in a way that they are always trying to have the right of way, when we should really be thinking “when can I yield to the next person”. Not enough people think that way and it can change their lives forever.

 – The presentation overall was great and I have learned a lot about why most motorcycle accidents happen because people not paying attention and left turns taken on incoming motorcycles.

 – I enjoyed seeing and learning what it’s like in the eyes of a biker. I didn’t realize how many things you had to learn to be able to ride a motorcycle.

 – I liked the attention to detail on how risky it is to drive a motorcycle and how aware other drivers should be. The car accident photos show how fatal it is if you are not careful.

 – I liked the quiz with the video because I actually had to pay attention to answer the questions. It was organized and showed importance of undistracted driving. I liked the demo outside about not always judging motorcycle speed correctly.

 – The images really sink in. You really drive the point home. Questions were answered well and thoroughly. We had a clear demo with an actual bike. They told stories to engage us.

 – I like how they included statistics such as the number of registered motorcycle. I also liked how Bruce addressed some of the accidents. I am glad that the power point was colorful I don’t like black and white.

 – Everyone assumes the motorcycles are farther away. It shows how distracted drivers can really affect everyone on the road. Your eyes will gravitate towards the largest object, that’s why most people say “I didn’t see them”. All of the motorcycle gear and its purposes were very interesting to hear about. Most crashes occur because we did not see something in time.

 – No matter what it is you are doing besides driving, you are a distracted driver. I like to learn about how their leather can be worn in both warm and cold because I never really thought about that. I also enjoyed the outside demo.