Birds On Bikes 2020

This year’s Birds on Bikes was quite different due to Covid-19.

It was East vs West again ant the East side won.

Day Beyer and his crew had a Van filled with Turkeys and non perishable food items,

West side still in the lead by 1 and they only lost by 8 Turkeys…

However as always this is to give back to the Community and help the less fortunate and this year so many are out of work trying to keep a roof over their head and take care of their families.

We raised over $1500 and about 125 Turkeys and canned goods every little bit helps.

We had a after party at The Spartan’s clubhouse in Phoenix.

We grilled Hot Dogs and Burgers.

We also gave away $1000 from our raffle….

The winner was from the Leather District Dave Hill.

Congratulations Dave!!!

Hopefully next year we will be able to fill St. Vincent’s Parking lot

Cindy Gates
Chairman MMA of AZ