Chairman’s Report August 2021


It is nice to see things getting back to Normal.

The past 19 months have been crazy.

We are seeing all kinds of events going on and we can start raising money for the Motorcycle community.

Could be a Charity run helping a down Rider or just putting on a great Party.

We were able to do our Beach Party this year held it in Payson.

We got to see old members that have bot been out and about Great time great place and great band. We already made plans for next year.

Moving forward to this next year we need to try and get the younger generation involved in our cause.

If we do not, we will lose all our rights as riders.

If you know younger riders lets, try and get them to come to meetings these things are important we promote Motorcycle Safety and Awareness.

This is the summer and down here in the Valley it has been a scorcher.

If you are riding stay hydrated please and watch out for these cages since they do not watch out for us.

I cannot wait for riding weather here in the valley.

Be safe/Ride Free

Cindy Gates
Chairman MMA of Arizona