Chairman’s Report April 2022


Bike week is over and now it is time for Arizona the heat up.

Already in the upper 90’s.

With that being said please let us all stay hydrated when riding in the heat.

My favorite time is that we get to ride up to Northern Arizona and enjoy all that beautiful weather and event that go on in that area this time of year..

Well as most of you have heard about the passing of the lane filtering bill, Please note it does not go into effect until 90 day’s after the session closes.

If you get caught lane filtering before that time they will fine you heavily.

The next project that our lobbyist are working on is a profiling bill.

We have found in certain areas of the Valley they are pulling over all motorcyclist and giving ticket for no reason.

Please if this happens to you please go on line and sign the petition for the profile project.

This is Nation wide and we want it to stop.

We should not be pulled over for what we ride or wear.

Stay Safe and Stay Cool.

Cindy Gates
Chairman MMA of Arizona