Chairman’s Report March 2022


Hope we are all enjoying our beautiful weather.

It is riding season.

Love this time of year.

What is the MMA up to?

We have been to the Capital and met our Representatives to help us move forward on a few issues.

First is Lane filtering and a profiling bill.

More and more are being pulled over for riding a Motorcycle.

If you get stopped for no reason please reach out to us and let us know.

This should not happen to us because we ride.

For Lane Filtering this will help us if we are stuck due to construction or a major accident.

This will allow to filter in the traffic to get out of the heat or getting rear ended in traffic.

Their are stipulations on speed for both Motorcycles and cars.

The operator of a two-wheeled motorcycle is permitted to overtake and pass another vehicle that is stopped in the same direction of travel in the same lane and to operate the motorcycle between the lanes of traffic on a street that is divided into at least two adjacent traffic lanes in the same direction of travel with a speed limit that does not exceed 45 miles per hour & if the
motorcycle is traveling at a speed that does not exceed 15 miles per hour.

If for some reason you are pulled over for no reason.

Please go to the following website and fill out the form –

We along with the MRF and other organizations are keeping track.

Apache Junction and Mesa PD are not abiding by it – we know this anecdotally from our members and we are collecting survey data on our own and thru the Motorcycle Profiling Project.

The Motorcycle Profiling Project is dedicated to the grassroots effort to pass laws addressing profiling and discrimination across America.

I know we are all gearing up for Bike week.

Let’s be careful out there. We know they do not look out for us so we have to look out for them!

Ride Safe/ Ride Free

Cindy Gates
Chairman MMA of Arizona