Chairman’s Report October 2021


My Apologizes to all our MMA members.

I assumed when I was given the Patriot for approval and it was sent out via email.

We all know what happens when we assume.

I take full responsibility of this mistake.

All our members will get a copy on their email;.

If for some reason you do not think your email is up to date please let me know and send me a note [email protected].

Well it is riding season again and the MMA wants to go back to our roots.

We will still be doing our events, however we want to put more focus on our current lobbying issues.

Profile because you ride a motorcycle

EPA raising Ethanol content in fuel to level that will damage your motor

Autonomous Vehicles that are not programmed to recognize motorcycles

Exclusions of motorcycles from public parking

Motorcycle only checkpoints

Proceeding safely when stoplights do not respond to your motorcycle

Converting motorcycles into race only vehicles

Three wheel autos being classified as a Motorcycle

Rider safety education

Helmet laws- Should be your choice

With the Holidays coming up it will be time for BIRDS ON BIKES flyer will be in the paper.

As bikers we always give back to the community and again this year with some still not working and the price of things we need to reach in our pocket and help.

We also will collect non perishable foods along with Turkey for ST. Vincent DE Paul.

Let’s ask Local Business if we can put a box in their store to help collect canned food.

Well I know I am looking forward to the cooler weather and to get out on the road.

Be safe out there since they do not watch out for us.

Ride Safe/ Ride Free

Cindy Gates
Chairman MMA of Arizona