Eagle / Leather District Report October 2021


I am at a loss for words as I write this.

The MMA of AZ and the Motorcycle community have lost a person who had dedicated his life to this community.

His Name is Buddha & he was a Limey Rider,

A Lobbyist for our community and a friend to many in our community.

He always had a story to tell and sometimes he would not stop talking…

However his passion on what he wanted for this community was overwhelming.

His brother Sky Pilot and himself would go to the capital and help lobby for our rights.

At the time of his passing he was doing exactly that.

He was at a event in Atlanta GA. Meeting of the Minds put on by the MRF.

Buddha was also a family man and was always helping in his community.

As I write this I still cannot believe he is gone but always in my heart.

So what is the Leather district working on?

We will be having our famous 3 ball run Jan.8th will get the flyer out shortly.

This is always a fun run $5.00 per person and there is always a competition on the trophies eve the scratch award.

We will also be doing our Beach Party Late February early March, keep an eye out on the flyer.

Hope everyone will come out and support our organization we work hard for your rights while riding your motorcycle an if you see those Street Signs that say LOOK OUT FOR MOTORCYCLES,

We put them up around our STATE.

Your Membership and your participation to our events help us to continue to have our Lobbyist do their job for our rights to ride.

if interested please come to one of our meetings.

You do not have to volunteer unless you want to… and no pressure.

We meet the 2nd Saturday of the month at the Beaver Bar on 19th Ave at 10:00am.

They do serve a good breakfast

Hope to see you all there

Eagle / Leather District